Dubai Culture promotes cultural tourism at Arabian Travel Market 2024

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) concluded its successful participation in the 31st Arabian Travel Market (ATM), held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from May 6 to 9. The event, renowned as a vital platform for showcasing Dubai's landmarks and tourist attractions, facilitated knowledge exchange and highlighted innovations in aviation, accommodation, hospitality, and tourism. Dubai Culture's presence aimed to promote cultural tourism in Dubai and solidify its status as a global destination for living, working, and entertainment.

At the Dubai Government Pavilion, Dubai Culture exhibited a range of its premier cultural assets, including the Al Shindagha Museum, the UAE’s largest heritage museum. The museum tells Dubai's unique story, tracing its origins and showcasing the traditional lifestyle prevalent from the mid-19th century to the 1970s. Spanning 22 pavilions and over 80 houses designed to global standards, the museum offers a diverse collection of artifacts, films, and historic photographs, providing visitors with a rich cultural heritage experience.

Visitors were also introduced to the Etihad Museum, which chronicles the establishment of the UAE and commemorates the commitment and national spirit of the founding fathers. Through interactive exhibitions and educational programs, the museum guides visitors through the events leading to the UAE's declaration in 1971, offering insights into the country’s constitution and citizens' rights and responsibilities. The museum's design, featuring seven columns symbolizing the pens used to sign the union document, includes a library, educational center, and temporary exhibition hall.

Additionally, Dubai Culture organized an exhibition within the VIP Majlis at ATM, featuring five art pieces by Emirati artist Ammar Al Banna. Titled ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Mountainside Farming,’ ‘Colossal,’ ‘Environmental Brutalism,’ and ‘Against All Odds,’ the artworks express the artist's unique perspective on the environment, nature, and local heritage. Through this exhibition, Dubai Culture aimed to empower local talent, showcase their achievements, and contribute to the enrichment of Dubai’s cultural and creative industries.

Dubai Culture's participation at ATM highlighted the authority's commitment to preserving and promoting Dubai's rich cultural heritage while fostering creativity and innovation within the local arts scene.

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