Vestel joins SAMENA Council's membership

SAMENA Council welcomes Vestel Trade Co., the preeminent original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer from Turkey with global operations. With a turnover of USD 4 billion, Vestel is a market leader for consumer appliances and supplies to several of the top global brands. Vestel comprises a group of twenty four companies operating in manufacturing, technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in the home appliances, consumer electronics, digital technologies, multimedia communication, LED lighting, and defense industries.

Vestel CEO, Turan ERDOGAN said, "We wanted to consolidate our presence in the Middle East and what better way to show our commitment to the region than to join SAMENA Council. We appreciate the impact of the Council in furthering the cause of the ICT industry, especially with respect to the need for ensuring sustainable investment in ICT infrastructure development and accelerating adoption of digital products and services. Vestel is intent on becoming a part of the massive socio-economic progress taking shape in the Middle East and, given our technology expertise, which includes tablet and smartphone manufacturing, we see Vestel providing new choices and possibilities to the industry within the Middle East and the greater SAMENA region."

Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council, warmly welcomed Vestel as the newest technology company to join the membership of the Council and said that "We are pleased to see increasing interest of technology companies from within the Middle East, and especially from Turkey, to become part of the Council and play their active role in shaping the new regional ICT landscape. Given Vestel's R&D capabilities as the first telecoms technology company in Turkey to develop product designs, the only developer of micro-controller software for use in its production processes, and as the provider of value-for-money consumer communications products, we see the potential for technology partnerships that may help concerned stakeholders fulfill their ICT needs."

Vestel is the third large-scale corporate from Turkey to have joined the membership of SAMENA Council.

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