Six Doha Film Institute Supported Films selected at Cannes 2024

Latest co-financed project by Qumra Master and long-term collaborator Rithy Panh selected to the Cannes Premiere section in the festival’s Official Selection · Selection recognises a wide range of projects from Arab and global talent, auteurs and promising creatives supported by the Institute.

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) proudly announces that six films it supported have been chosen to feature at the prestigious 77th Cannes Film Festival, scheduled from May 14 to May 25. This selection underscores DFI's ongoing dedication to backing compelling cinematic endeavors from around the world, with its latest co-financed project, 'Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot' (Meeting with Pol Pot) by esteemed Cambodian director Rithy Panh, securing a spot in the Cannes Premiere section of the Official Selection.

Reflecting the diversity and talent nurtured by DFI's Grants program, three projects will screen in the Critics' Week (Semaine de la Critique) section, while two will feature in Director’s Fortnight (Quinzaine des cinéastes).

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, CEO of DFI, expressed pride in the eclectic selection of films supported by the institute, emphasizing its commitment to amplifying unique voices and compelling narratives that resonate on a global scale. Alremaihi stated, "We are honored to partner with internationally renowned creatives and emerging talents to offer captivating glimpses into diverse cultures and perspectives, fostering a sense of global unity."

Alremaihi also highlighted the significance of Rithy Panh's 'Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot', praising the director's prowess in crafting cinematic representations of pivotal historical events. Panh's latest venture, based on true events, follows three French journalists invited to Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge in 1978 to meet with Pol Pot.

Among the selected films, 'The Brink of Dreams' from Egypt, 'Locust' from Taiwan, and 'Across The Sea' from Morocco will feature in Critics' Week, while 'East of Noon' from Egypt and 'To a Land Unknown' from Palestine will be showcased in Director’s Fortnight.

Additionally, three other DFI-supported projects, including 'The Myth of Mahmoud', 'My Father’s House', and 'L’Mina', will participate in industry platforms during the festival, further solidifying DFI's presence and contribution to the global film landscape.

The Cannes Film Festival, renowned for its celebration of cinematic excellence, provides a fitting platform for DFI-supported filmmakers to showcase their talent and share their stories with audiences worldwide.


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