Euro Super Juices event in Dubai introduces 6 unique Mocktails

European Organic Juices have been actively taking its presence in the Middle East organic juice space. The latest promotional activity was attended renowned bartender Jeet Verma and importers, distributors, journalists and food bloggers who were the official tasters of the product . The Product Presentation Event took place on the 11th April 2021, at OKA Ceramics Studio in Al Quoz, Dubai.

The hybrid event saw representatives of three organic fruit juices (cherry, apple and pomegranate juices) present their products. 6 unique mocktails were designed and presented by Jeet at the event using the three organic juices. The representatives of the program operators participated via zoom app and engaged themselves with the audiences in a Q&A session. The talks included inquiries about the production process of fruits, juices production, preserved and transported.

These super juices are a great addition to the selection of any bartender or chef. They have high nutritional value and add that zing to cocktails and mocktails, said Jeet.

Each product is represented by one partner. Organic pomegranate juice is represented by ASOP a producers organization, organic cherry juice is represented by BNHU a non-profit trade organization and organic apple juice is represented by BIOROMANIA, an association of entities (organization, producers) that are activated in the organic farming sector.

The main purpose of this campaign European Organic Juices is to advertise quality European agri-food products to the markets of Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait).

A stunning 97% considered that the agricultural organic products are of premium quality compared to the conventional products. EU officials reported that there were multiple representatives interested in distribution of such organic juices from Europe.

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