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EDA to commence first Post Graduate Diploma Programme in UAE Diplomacy & International Relations in September

  • EDA to commence first Post Graduate Diploma Programme in UAE Diplomacy & International Relations in September

EDA to commence first Post Graduate Diploma Programme in UAE Diplomacy & International Relations in September

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) will receive the first batch of students for its Post Graduate Diploma programme in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations in September this year. The nine-month programme aims to nurture the next generation of Emirati diplomats through a comprehensive educational curriculum that focuses on both advanced theory and hands-on practical sessions.

EDA has been providing specialised short-term training courses on diverse areas of diplomacy since June 2015. The new Post Graduate Diploma course, commencing in September, is the first full-fledged academic programme that has gained positive response from Emirati youth who aspire to serve the nation in various diplomatic roles.

EDA has now established its credentials as an academic and scientific centre that works to fulfil the vision of the UAE leadership to strengthen the skills of Emirati youth. It is the only institution of its kind in the country that emphasises on educational programmes for shaping the new generation of UAE career diplomats. EDA is billed to be a centre of excellence in advanced studies and in-depth research in diplomatic programmes.

Mariam Al Mahmoud, Director of Executive Education at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, said: "EDA is now entering a new phase of its growth and has defined its credentials in providing advanced and scientific knowledge in diplomatic education. We have an accomplished faculty of prominent experts who provide our students with theoretical and practical knowledge that adds significant value in shaping their careers as diplomats.”

Ms. Al Mahmoud added that EDA is keen to developing the curriculum and executive training programmes to meet the requirements of diplomatic careers as well as to help future Emirati diplomats to acquire all the skills that assist them. “Our vision is to be a leading academic centre in the development of diplomatic capacity and intellectual leadership among Emirati youth.”

The Post Graduate Diplomat programme focuses on specialised areas that are aligned with the needs of the UAE. These include: UAE Interests and National Security Policy, UAE History and Culture, International Relations and Diplomacy, Modern History and Contemporary Politics of the Middle East, International Law & International Organisations and International Economics, among others.

It also covers Energy and Climate Change, UAE Government Excellence, International Conflict and Cooperation, Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiation, Protocol, Etiquette and Communication, Country Analysis and Diplomatic Report Writing, beside strengthening the skills of the students in a third language.

EDA is working on implementing the best academic standards to provide students with diplomatic skills, the ability and the confidence to represent the UAE actively in all international events. EDA is committed to promoting research and building diplomatic possibilities in line with the foreign policy objectives of the UAE.