Youth Council at Emirates Health Services Promotes Innovation and Design Thinking among Young Healthcare Professionals

The Innovation Team at Emirates Health Services (EHS) has organised a workshop titled Design Thinking to Empower and Support Youth in collaboration with the Youth Council at Emirates Health Services (EHS), the Federal Youth Authority (FYA), and Etisalat, as part of the agenda of activities set for UAE Innovation Month. The workshop explored ways to use design thinking in the healthcare sector. It forms part of the Nomu (growth) initiative, launched by the Youth Council at EHS to help young people develop advanced skills and create a supportive environment for innovation.

The Youth Council is organising a series of panel discussions including this workshop to support EHS in achieving its objectives and strategies, spearheading sustainable development in healthcare services, enhancing the sectors efficiency nationwide, and empowering young people to hone their skills and embrace innovation.

His Excellency Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al-Serkal, Director-General of EHS, applauded the Youth Council at Emirates Health Services for their efforts in promoting innovation and design thinking as a means to develop systems that meet the needs of customers, whereby supportive and innovation-friendly work environments are created to offer young people opportunities to innovate and create advanced, efficient, and effective health services.

This workshop provides the youth with a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to acquire the necessary skills to master design thinking and implement it in the healthcare sector, H.E. added. This, in turn, serves to advance the concept of health innovation, supply health service systems with fresh ideas, and upskill young healthcare professionals.

The Youth Council also organised a webinar titled How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Health Care, which highlighted the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics and their applications in the medical industry. The session introduced participants to innovative, AI-powered healthcare practices, breaking down the concepts to their basics and highlighting the many opportunities that exist for bridging the gap between AI and healthcare.

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