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Where Is Dubai City On The World Map?

  • Where Is Dubai City On The World Map?

Where Is Dubai City On The World Map?

Where Is Dubai City On The World Map?
By Kish S

You might recognize quite a bit about Dubai however unknown exactly where it's located. There's a great deal of details online consisting of the Dubai maps that show Dubai location and its nearby areas like Dubai Hotels, Apartments etc. The interesting truth is that lots of people understand or have heard a great deal concerning Dubai however do not precisely understand where it lies.

If you have reviewed the conversations in the Around Dubai City area you need to already know that Dubai has produced a great deal of money due of its open market zones. It remains in a placement to bring in many traders and sellers as an outcome of its suitable placement on the map of the world.

Its main location makes it an excellent place for numerous companies to set up distributorships to establish the fastest courses to most of Asia and other continents. Furthermore, its area on the Persian Gulf makes it an easy place for investors to converge at the numerous Dubai ports.

Therefore where is it situated exactly? It is a peninsula situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf region of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It shares borders with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. The initial 2 are Emirates of the UAE while Oman is an independent nation.

Dubai is just around sea level (16m/ 52 ft. over) and covers an area of simply over 4,000 square kilometers or one thousand five hundred square miles (second biggest in the UAE). Its particular grid coordinate area is 25.2697 N 55.3095 E and it falls in the Arabian Desert location.

Because of its location, you could expect Dubai weather condition to be Hot! Expect its square location to increase as the Emirate continues to construct male made islands on water thereby extending the coast lines and its boundaries. Arabian Gulf is located on the other side of Dubai.

The Dubai Information Website is a web site on Dubai City put together from a functional and first-hand point of view.