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Looking for a job in the UAE, here is BCC

  • Looking for a job in the UAE, here is BCC

Looking for a job in the UAE, here is BCC


The world economy is going back to normalcy after more than a year of economic crisis due to the pandemic. The virus has impacted the lives of people in many ways. There has been loss of lives, employment and livelihoods, across the globe.

The pandemic had impacted many businesses in the UAE also. Many migrant workers had either lost jobs or were struggling to make a living. However, things are getting back on tracks.

It is in this context that the UAE-based BCC Group caught attention with their expansion group. A decade-old company with its established track record in manpower supply business, the BCC Group has recently introduced its Construction wing and Interior Designing division. But this is not the group’s diversification plans that meets the eye.

BCC is offering jobs in every category of employment, be it the blue, white, pink, red or purple collar jobs. 

BCC aims to transform as a 360-degree realty company with hundreds of jobs in their kitty. And the adornment on the employment opportunity cake of the BCC Group is that they welcome even freshers with no prior experience.

The BCC Group’s founder and CEO Amjad Sithara being a business magnet has given the best gift to his fortunate land, the United Arab Emirates, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary by creating job opportunities. give to his fortunate land, the United Arab Emirates, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  

And the launch of the new divisions of the group coinciding with the commencement of the Global Expo 2020 in Dubai, truly highlights the spirit in the catchphrase of Dubai as the land of opportunities. What else could be a real gift from an entrepreneur than creating jobs in the emirates which are home to millions of migrants.

The launch of the new divisions of the BCC Group were held in Dubai on October 4. The brochure was released by the Sharjah Employment Ministry Official Hassan Ameen Yakoob, Noted Malayalam actress Mamta Mohandas, the CEO Amjad Sithara and his wife and Group COO Marjana Amjad.

And BCC’s claims in creating jobs are not unfounded, thanks to its strong fundamentals in human resourcing and supplying. Having stood by thousands of skilled, semi-skilled and professionals by now, the group’s new endeavours would only strengthen its capabilities in employment generation.

Not just the ones who are skilled or experienced, anyone can seek an employment with BCC by writing to them at “recruitment@bccgroup.ae”  

It is not just the jobs but shelter also are offered to the ones who flock the BCC fold. More than a business magnet, a humane Amjad had given shelter to hundreds of labourers who were stranded in the emirates during the pandemic. No wonder, he counts on values and human engagements. 

Obviously, the BCC Groups’ diversification and growth would invariably witness scripting of yet another exceptional story of employment generation, best industry practices and enviable employer-employee relationship.