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With LG OLED TVs Immersive Entertainment Experience Brought to Your Home

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With LG OLED TVs Immersive Entertainment Experience Brought to Your Home

Home entertainment in most households centers across the television, and with staying indoors being the norm of the times, it comes as no surprise that television viewership has currently risen considerably.

Modeled to deliver amazing picture quality and immersive sound, alongside AI-enabled features, LG’s extensive range of OLED TVs incorporate advanced technologies to immediately deliver an elevated audio-visual experience. Blended with 4K, and in some instances, even 8K resolution, the current televisions bring movies, sports and gaming to life like never before.

AI-Powered Cinematic Experience

An optimal viewing experience is powered by an intelligent processor that uses a deep learning algorithm to analyze content and heighten picture and sound quality. The 2nd generation α9 (Alpha 9) Intelligent Processor is optimized for the television, delivering clarity with exquisite detail, vibrant color and more depth presented in every image. It has double the amount of noise reduction steps versus dual core processors, significantly suppressing noise and bettering the image. The advanced algorithm within the processor also enhances the clarity of images to render clean, sharp pictures.

Designed for Gamers

With stellar picture quality and newly added gaming features, LG’s OLED TVs are perfect for serious gamers, delivering the most seamless, immersive big-screen gaming experiences available now. As the first TV manufacturer to offer NVIDIA G-SYNC® compatibility, LG expands the capability of its TVs to provide a flawless gaming experience without screen tearing or other distracting visual artifacts. Prioritizing health, LG OLED TVs even help maintain eye comfort by emitting 29% blue light, much lower than the 50% minimum standard, allowing for long-lasted gaming sessions.

These premium features of LG OLED TVs and more are designed to transform and elevate the experience of entertainment at home. For more information, please visit: https://www.lg.com/ae/oled-tvs