Hair raising show with funky hairstyles turns heads at Ibn Battuta Mall

Being true to its name, the 17th edition of Dubais highly popular summer extravaganza, is offering unique surprises to both residents and visitors in every nook and corner of the city. One of them was The Hair Show at Ibn Battuta Mall, which delighted mall-goers of all ages with the sights of funky and never-seen-before hairstyles.

Brought to the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) festivities by two hairstylists from Brazil and Spain and featuring a British disc jockey, the show kicked off with an interactive dance performance, before the team began to amaze audiences with their international hairstyling talents. The live music lured the shoppers of all ages to watch the hairstyling sessions perfected by the costumed teams unique techniques.

Since 1996, the two trained artists have been styling the hair of many with designs inspired from the depths of their imaginations. In Dubai too, the duo is delighting volunteers keen on making a stunning hair statement. Flaunting their funky hairdos, the volunteers were seen excited while posing on stage for their live audience.

Just before the session took off, Haya Atassi, a fourteen-year old young lady from Syria, said: I love styling my hair and I am very curious about the looks that these international designers will give each volunteer. Every hairstyle appears to be very interesting.

Families too were left completely mesmerized. Four-year old Dia Prithrivaj and mother Fidha Sharaf from India were caught immersed watching the live sessions. Fidha said, It is very interesting to wait and watch how the hairstyle will turn out because each persons hairstyle has a different theme and every look was very surprising, with the use of unique colours and the props.

The hairstyles are magical! I like them because the stylists are so enthusiastic. The way they dance and smile while they design the look is fun to watch, said Fuwzia Abdula Hossani, a five-year old girl. She was at the mall to watch the show with her younger sister, Mira.

The 17th edition of DSS is organized by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and will run until 5 September this year, under the theme, The Fun Side of Summer.

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