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GEMS Wellington Academy introduces Swimming Center with world champion Chad Le Clos

GEMS Wellington Academy introduces Swimming Center with world champion Chad Le Clos

GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail Swimming Center's special editions were officially unveiled on 16 October 2019, with South African Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games champion swimmer Chad Le Kloss joining as a special guest. The event was attended by dignitaries from Swimming England, Hamilton Aquatics and the school's principal Neil Mathews.

On the day of its launch, Le Clos hosted a training session with the best swimmers at GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail and talented swimmers around Dubai. This was followed by a scholarship award ceremony for 16 students from the Center of Excellence.

Al Khail - Neil Mathews, and CEO of GEMS Wellington Academy, said: “It is my firm belief is that our student-athletes need to be successful, a supportive environment with training, hard work and learning, coaching and performance. Our Swimming Center brings all of these elements together by providing exceptional facilities, teaching and training, amazing opportunities within and beyond the curriculum, and strong partnerships with our families. Together, they create a highly customized and flexible program for our swimmers - something that is nowhere to be found in the region.”

The school’s swimming center operates in partnership with Hamilton Aquatics and is designed to ensure that the individual needs of swimmers are met. The bespoke program is unique to the region and allows students to effectively balance busy training schedules with school needs and duties. They benefit from expert swimming training, support and facilities while maintaining their performance in school.

“Thanks to everyone involved and GEMS Education for making this a great day. I am proud to be a part of the official launch of the Swimming Center. I want children to have such opportunities when it comes to training, because this is a great way for kids to increase their potential. They get a chance to grow, develop their skills and entertain themselves. My message is really about riding, going and getting to the stars.” told Chad Le Clos.

The GEMS Education Excellence Center Program is a platform that provides leadership, research, development paths, partnerships, support and training in a centralized sports industry that teaches basic mobility and skills in accessible, affordable and all-inclusive activities. It is the driving force to motivate students to engage in physical activity as part of their daily life, which promotes good habits that will continue throughout their lives.

GEMS Wellington Academy - Swimming facilities available in Al Khail are world class. The school has two 25-meter pools, a performance gym and two multi-purpose gymnasiums that provide swimmers with everything they need to train, develop and realize their highest potential.

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