Future Festival 2024 set to highlight AI-driven innovations and connect industry leaders for the first time in Dubai

Over 10 key sessions will address critical topics shaping the future on industries such as food and beverage, mobility, hospitality, Retail, fashion, and healthcare

The highly anticipated 'Future Festival,' organized by Trend Hunter in collaboration with DXB Live, is poised to take center stage at Expo City Dubai on June 5 and 6, 2024. Renowned as a leading trend platform and innovation accelerator, Trend Hunter aims to gather industry professionals and global tech enthusiasts for a transformative discourse on the revolutionary implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging trends.

Aligned with the UAE's National Strategy Artificial Intelligence 2031, which positions the country to be a global leader in AI by 2031, the event underscores the importance of investing in relevant industries and individuals to drive innovation. Through a series of innovative sessions and workshops, participants will delve into critical topics influencing the future of AI and its implications across various sectors including food and beverage, mobility, hospitality, and medicine.

Khalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB LIVE, emphasized the pivotal role of events like the Future Festival in uniting innovators and enthusiasts to share knowledge and foster real change in the field. He stated, "Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally disrupt Middle Eastern markets with innovative services and business models. It is critical to comprehend both the various applications and benefits of AI."

The summit boasts a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers including Dr. Jassim Al Awadi from DU, Dr. Haythem Riahi of Circe Biotics, Mariam Hashem from GE Healthcare, and Aram Petrosyan, Founder and CEO of Goodini Real Estate. Jeremy Gutsche, CEO and Innovation Expert at Trend Hunter, will explore actionable strategies for driving innovation, dealing with change, and overcoming obstacles in the age of AI.

Participants can anticipate engaging sessions such as 'The Accelerated Pace of Change,' 'A.I. and the Inflection Point,' and 'Keys to Creating the Future' led by Jeremy Gutsche, aimed at fostering high-performance cultures and overcoming obstacles to sustainable growth. The 'Megatrends' session, which breaks down fast-moving trends based on consumer choices, and the 'Innovation and Trend Hunting Panel' session will shed light on the evolving influence of AI on success and innovation.

Sean Scharf, CCO of Trend Hunter, will lead the 'Future Tech and the Next Frontier' session, discussing AI's transformative influence on creativity, efficiency, and consumer interaction. The event will also feature sessions on healthcare technology, innovation tactics, and food and beverage leisure, providing participants with comprehensive insights into industry transformations.

With the Middle East and Africa projected to witness a 32% increase in annual spending on AI, the UAE stands to benefit significantly, particularly with the technology sector set to contribute approximately USD 97 billion to the country's GDP. The 'Future Festival,' supported by Expo City and the Dubai Future Foundation, not only showcases Dubai's commitment to advancing AI but also supports the UAE's broader AI Strategy, aimed at accelerating growth across various sectors.

As anticipation builds, the 'Future Festival' promises to inspire participants on a journey of knowledge and collaboration, reaffirming Dubai's position as a hub for innovation and technological advancement.

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