Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Presents Castaway Picnics On Singapore's Southern Islands

Imagine snorkelling in pristine seas, fishing a bountiful catch, turtle-watching, or having a cozy picnic while nestled in lush greenery. Off the shores of Singapores coast, the beautiful Southern Islands lend a rich diversity to the Singapore experience, as the latest charming addition to the specially crafted experience packages by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.

The day starts with a privately chartered vessel ferrying guests to and from the islands. Just 30 minutes off Singapores coast, each of the Southern Islands has its own unique and memorable charms for every traveller. Each trip can be tailored according to guests preferences: whether to explore one island or to island hop and discover the diverse activities at leisure.

The experience is made complete with a delectable menu of picnic offerings, specially customized by Four Seasons chefs. Couples who wish to enjoy Romance at Sea (SGD 105.00) can toast to a sweet menu of Valrhona chocolates, cave-aged French cheeses, various chutneys, crackers, grapes, and half bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Reims. Watch the shimmer of the waves while enjoying Slow Cruise(SGD 62.00) with fresh Alaska king crab and mango avocado salad, French baguette with saucisson, dijon and cornichon, carrot cake and freshly squeezed juices. Parents will also be delighted with the offer to Calm the Kids (SGD 40.00) featuring a choice of sandwiches including Nutella and peanut butter and jelly, double chocolate brownies, potato chips and Ribena. Many other chef-crafted menus such as Remote Access Tea Time (SGD 43.00) featuring yuzu chocolate bar, freshly baked scones with rose petal strawberry preserves, macarons and classic tea sandwiches, Healthy Vegetarian (SGD 68.00) featuring wood-fired grilled vegetables on ciabatta with pesto emulsion, red velvet cake and sliced fresh fruit, and la carte food and wine options will enchant the senses and soothe the soul in this island escapade.

Discover the three beautiful Southern Islands of Singapore each with its own unique experiences and leave with warm memories of delectable Four Seasons chef-crafted food and sunsets along the island horizon:

Kusu Island
Born from the legend of a giant tortoise that turned itself into an island to save two shipwrecked sailors, Kusu (tortoise in Malay) Island is a sacred place of worship to 90,000 devotees who visit the island during the eleventh month of the lunar calendar.
In other months of the year, the island boasts gorgeous lagoons, pristine beaches for afternoon picnics, and three Malay shrines (keramats) and a Chinese temple for spiritual solace. Unique to the island - and an experience in itself - is the Tortoise Sanctuary that houses hundreds of tortoises.

St. John Island
With its history as a medical centre housing cholera and beri-beri patients, St. John Island now provides a different form of healing with its tranquil getaways of fishing spots, trekking routes, soccer fields and picnic grounds.
A popular location for fishing enthusiasts, settle comfortably along sandy beaches with tackle and bait, while trekking enthusiasts can take the scenic walking path to Lazarus Island with a spot of luck, guests could glimpse dolphins along the way.

Sisters Islands
Different legends abound on the story of two sisters, one of whom was forced to marry a pirate king. Caught in a huge storm as the young captive bride was shipped away by the pirates, the elder sister leapt into the sea to save her sister, but both vanished. They were transformed into two little islands, as their sisterly devotion had touched the gods.

The beauty of their love is seen in the gorgeous reefs in the waters around the island, a pleasure for many snorkelers and swimmers. Home to some of Singapores richest reefs, many varieties of corals and rich marine life abound, including the long-tailed macaque, octopus and seahorse. A narrow channel separates both islands, and is a popular spot for picnics under the swaying palm trees.

Attentively served with Four Seasons renowned world-class service, the Castaway Picnic package is an unforgettable addition to the Singapore experience. Four Seasons Hotel Singapore picnic menus are available from SGD 40.00. Island Getaway kits will also be provided as part of the Singapore Island Cruise packages (prices according to Island selections), including towels, sunblock, mosquito repellent. Additional fee for ground transport as requested.

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