Eucerin AtopiControl breaks the vicious circle of Atopic Dermatitis in a gentle way

Have you or your baby ever experienced Atopic Dermatitis symptoms? Eucerin offers you the solution with the launch of the AtopiControl cleansing, caring and active range of products. The range includes the Eucerin Acute Care Cream to use during acute phases and the Body Care Lotion, the Bath & Cleansing Oil and the Face Care Cream to use during symptom-free phases, all of which are gentle enough for use on sensitive baby skin. Collectively, these products reflect a unique, holistic approach which effectively alleviates symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis.

Up to five percent of the adult population and one in five to ten children around the world are Atopic Dermatitis sufferers where 90 percent of these people first experience this chronic, non-infectious skin disease before they reach the age of five.

The symptoms of scaly, inflamed areas of skin and extreme itching are the visible side of Atopic Dermatitis. What people dont see, though, is the effect that it has on the psyche. Many people with Atopic Dermatitis feel restricted, unattractive and rejected. Children, in particular, are exposed to peer prejudice and teasing, explains Dr. Gitta Neufang, Head of Research Eucerin Actives.

Patients want gentle yet effective treatments
Eucerin Research understands the skin and combines its knowledge to meet consumer needs and preferences with the development of effective products. An increasing number of adult Atopic Dermatitis patients and especially mothers of infant patients are looking for gentle and safe yet effective dermocosmetic skin care solutions which help to alleviate the symptoms of the acute phase and might even represent an alternative to topical medication such as hydrocortisone, says Dr. Gitta Neufang. The most recent product to be developed by Eucerin scientists using advanced technology on the basis of intensive research and the very latest knowledge is Eucerin AtopiControl.

Acute Care Cream: an innovative, effective product
In the acute phases of Atopic Dermatitis, patients are plagued by itching, inflammation and in severe cases by weeping sores. According to Dr. Gitta Neufang, Patients, especially children, suffer greatly as a result of these symptoms. They can keep them awake at night and scratching only makes things worse.

The Eucerin Acute Care Cream is effective on compromised skin and a safe treatment in acute phases of mild to moderate Atopic Dermatitis. The application of this cream can even reduce the need for topical medication such as hydrocortisone and immediately relieves itching. Its formula combines four active ingredients:

The formula with Menthoxypropanediol soothes itchy skin.
Licochalcone A, which is extracted from the licorice root, has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.
Anti-bacterial Decanediol combats staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria that activates inflammatory processes in Atopic Dermatitis.
Omega-6 fatty acids obtained from evening primrose and grape seed oil stabilize the skins natural lipid barrier.
Basic Cleansing and Care: extends the Atopic Dermatitis remission phases
There is no cure for Atopic Dermatitis. However, it does go into remission. During these non-acute phases, the skin seems just to be dry, red and slightly scaly but still needs special care and this is where the Eucerin AtopiControl basic cleansing and care products come into use. The line includes a Body Care Lotion, the Bath & Cleansing Oil and the Face Care Cream. Regular application of these products can extend the flare-free phases and reduce symptoms like dryness, scaliness and uncomfortable skin tension, explains Dr. Gitta Neufang.

The Eucerin AtopiControl basic cleansing and care formula combines two active ingredients which provide with regular use long-term improvement of atopic skin conditions:
Omega-6 fatty acids obtained from evening primrose and grape seed oil stabilize the skins natural lipid barrier.
Licochalcone A from the licorice root down-regulates inflammatory mediators and reduces redness.
All Eucerin AtopiControl skin care products are free from parabens, colorants and fragrances. Their efficacy and skin tolerance has been verified in clinical and dermatological studies and all products are suitable for babies.

Eucerin AtopiControl active care:

Acute Care Cream, 40 ml AED 79

Eucerin AtopiControl basic cleansing and care:

Body Care Lotion, 250 ml - AED 125

Face Care Cream, 50 ml - AED 99

Cleansing Oil, 400 ml - AED 110

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