Bridgestone partners with Lamborghini to develop bespoke Potenza Race tyre for Huracn STO supercar

  • Custom-engineered Bridgestone Potenza Race semi-slick tyres have been designed to increase the Lamborghini Huracn STOs top performances on and off the track.
  • Tailor-made Bridgestone Potenza Race tyres deliver excellent dry grip, outstanding lap times and long-lasting on-track performance.
  • Together with its custom-developed Potenza Sport fitment for the super sports car, Bridgestone is the sole tyre supplier for Lamborghinis Huracn STO.

August 9, 2021 Bridgestone has been chosen as the exclusive tyre supplier for the new Lamborghini Huracn STO, the luxury Italian manufacturers road-homologated super sports car. In addition to custom-developed Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres, the Lamborghini Huracn STO can now also be fitted with bespoke Bridgestone Potenza Race semi-slick tyres. These tailor-made Potenza Race tyres provides excellent dry grip for outstanding lap times and reliable cornering, braking and handling on and off the track.

True high-performance

Custom-developed Bridgestone Potenza Race tyres have been designed to support the incredible capabilities of the Lamborghini Huracn STO and let drivers experience true high-performance. Building on Bridgestones long heritage in Formula One racing and high-performance vehicles, the premium Potenza Race semi-slick tyre has been tailor-made for the first time for the Lamborghini Huracn STO. As such, the tyres tread is lined with the colours of the Italian tricolore a nod to the fact that both the tyre and vehicle have been designed in Italy and features Lamborghinis distinctive markings.

The bespoke Bridgestone Potenza Race tyre promises excellent dry grip, thanks to an optimised tread compound, pattern and sporty tyre profile, which maximises grip and handling in dry conditions. The tyre also boasts long-lasting on-track performance and outstanding lap time ability a result of maximised contact area and even pressure distribution, which supports braking and cornering. And with a carcass design that enables high-performance on normal roads, the tyre is engineered for both the road and track.

Bridgestone Potenza Races development relied heavily on the companys ground-breaking virtual tyre modelling and simulation technologies, which allows a digital twin of a tyre to be developed and tested. In this project, virtual design and simulation enabled Bridgestone and Lamborghini to find the Huracn STOs optimal match to maximise the tyres contact area and distribute pressure evenly under the most severe cornering, braking and traction conditions.

The use of this technology made sure that the Huracn STOs tyre development period was reduced1 while offering increased flexibility. The virtual environment enables many more variants of a given tyre to be tested, thanks to the extreme speed of modifying the digital twin of the tyre and immediately submitting it to a subjective test on the driving simulator, to ultimately cut the vehicles time to market. The use of virtual technologies also makes sure that the chosen tyre is the ideal fitment, as many alternatives have been assessed during development, and it helps to deliver various environmental benefits: both natural resource use and exhaust emissions are cut as fewer prototype tyres are required to be built and physical testing is reduced.2

Exclusive tyre supplier

Developed and manufactured in Europe, custom-engineered Bridgestone Potenza Race tyres are now available as an optional fitment on Lamborghinis Huracn STO. Alternatively, the Lamborghini Huracn STO is also available with bespoke Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres to maximise the supercars incredible performance on the road.

Its brilliant to collaborate once again with Lamborghini, especially as sole tyre supplier for the incredible Huracn STO. We already proudly launched our bespoke Potenza Sport tyres for the vehicle, and now were excited to provide Potenza Race specifically for track-goers and high-performance enthusiasts. Both tyres maximise the vehicles impressive capabilities in different ways; Im proud to speak for a team who are able to provide this level of detail and coverage to Lamborghini customers. commented Steven De Bock, VP Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA.

We are pleased to have selected Bridgestone again to develop two tyres specifically for the Huracn STO: first Potenza Sport and now Potenza Race. These two bespoke Bridgestone options synchronise perfectly with the Huracn STOs innate dynamic capabilities, providing drivers with a tyre that responds perfectly in a variety of performance settings, and maximising our super sports cars capabilities on both road and track. said Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini.

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