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Beyontec crosses the 50 insurance milestone

Beyontec crosses the 50 insurance milestone

Beyontec celebrates the achievement by setting its focus towards the growth of its solutions to new markets and introduction of new products

Beyontec, a leading provider of technology solutions for the global insurance industry has achieved the 50-customers milestone and has set its focus on new markets and the introduction of new products. 

The company is constantly enlarging its global footprint in new markets with its cutting-edge digital solutions that focus on customer retention across markets and multiple insurance business lines.

Since its inception in the last one decade, Beyontec has rapidly improved its global presence by establishing in the USA and then making its way to GCC and pan-African markets. Today, not only it is the most reputed and trusted provider of world-class and superior quality of technology solutions but also works with many of the top five insurers in each of the countries it operates in. Beyontec helps its customers leveraging digital for new ways of working while meeting regulatory compliance and improving the bottom line.

“We feel immensely proud at reaching the 50 customers milestone and it is also been quite humbling as we reflect on our past 10 years of success. This is indeed a momentous occasion for all of us as we celebrate our swiftly increasing customer roster,” said Vivek Sethia, Co-founder at Beyontec Solutions DMCC. “We take this opportunity to thank our existing customers for partnering with us. We are grateful to our dedicated internal teams who work diligently to anticipate clients’ future needs while effectively managing current requirements. The management team is committed to maintaining this growth momentum as we make significant strides into the year and beyond,” he concluded.

The Beyontec Suite, a flagship product, is a cloud-based core solution that is designed to meet the end-to-end operations of any insurance business. It enhances the overall customer experience enabling the customers to retain independence and allows insurers to elevate their operations to be more competitive in the market. The company also introduces the platform solutions to fill the process gaps that are left unmet by most of the core solutions today. 

In order to harness the power of digital transformation, the company has introduced the AI-driven automation solutions and pre-configured bots that reflect the company’s innovation and advanced product portfolio.