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‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ launched in Dubai

  • ‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ launched in Dubai

‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ launched in Dubai

Chetan Bhagat unveils Jitendra Gianchandani’s book at Indian Business and Professional Council

‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life,’ a book by UAE-based practicing chartered accountant and Indian writer Jitendra Gianchandani, was launched recently at the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) in Dubai. Chetan Bhagat, a popular author and a motivational speaker, unveiled the book in the presence of Kulwant Singh, President, IBPC; James Mathew, Secretary General, IBPC; and other leading Indian businessmen and leaders.

Revolving around the central theme of ‘Love,’ ‘Race,’ and ‘Destiny,’ ‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ is about two friends – Manav Modi and Deepak Mehra –who are poles apart in personality. One is down to earth, introverted, and aspiring to be rich, while the other is flamboyant, extroverted and born with a silver spoon. Despite being so different, they were friends and shared a common feeling for Urvashi. They part ways only to meet again to test their friendship, love, patience and even their choice of profession. The book will reveal whether the race between a CA and an MBA will lead them to a fall and what they will need to come out of the mess.

Gianchandani said: “I feel that writing is the best way not only to express your thoughts but also to share your knowledge and experience with others. After living in Dubai for 18 years, I wanted to give back to the society, especially to the teeming young Indian population who deserve better facilities and improved quality of life in our homeland. ‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ is apt for the plot of the book, where protagonist Manav Modi, was on the verge of failure thrice in his career in spite of his hard work and sincere efforts. However, destiny somehow favours him and three major turning points in his life made him successful. Similarly, I want my fellow Indians to forget their problems and be motivated by the story of Manav Modi.”

‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ is now available in Kinokuniya, Borders, Jashanmal Bookstores, and other leading bookstores and online stores in the UAE.