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In The 2020 Global Startup Ecosystem Report Sharjah Ranked Number 1 In “High Growth Ecosystems”

In The 2020 Global Startup Ecosystem Report Sharjah Ranked Number 1 In “High Growth Ecosystems”

  • High Growth Ecosystems

Sharjah has actually ranked the top in high growth activation stage ecosystems in the newly launched Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), marking a milestone in the emirate's journey towards coming to be a thriving worldwide startup hub.

In line with the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center's mandate to put Sharjah on the map as an entrepreneurial hub locally as well as globally, Sheraa has actually partnered with Start-up Genome, the world's leading policy advisory and study organization for governments and public-private partnerships, to benchmark Sharjah's entrepreneurial performance and contribute in the direction of the 2020 GSER, powered by Startup Genome as well as the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Gone for the Ecosystems Couch Conference on June 25, the GSER is the world's most comprehensive and widely read research on startups with 250 ecosystems examined, a position of the leading 30 as well as 10 jogger up global ecosystems, as well as a leading 100 position of emerging ecosystems as well as a ranking of high-growth ecosystems based on the Ecosystem Lifecycle Model.

Najla Al Midfa, CEO of Sheraa, said, "It is a pleased minute for Sheraa, and also Sharjah, to be identified as a leading high-growth ecosystem by Start-up Genome. This achievement is a testament to our devoted efforts over the past 5 years to cultivate a world-class entrepreneurship ecosystem. We anticipate additional progressing Sharjah's reputation as a vibrant startup hub - one that is house to high-impact ventures that add to our communities as well as the growth of our economy."

The 2020 GSER cites Sharjah's commitment to research & innovation, the accessibility to high-calibre talent via the University City, as well as the visibility of regional sub-sector strengths such as education technology and also the creative economy, as key assets in the Sharjah ecosystem.

Sharjah additionally ranks as amongst the Leading 20 in Africa and Middle East for "Bang for Buck" and also the Leading 30 Africa & Middle East Ecosystems for Affordable Talent.

" This is the time for policymakers, community leaders, and foundations to double down on their support of local start-ups-- the # 1 engine of job creation as well as economic growth," claimed JF Gauthier, Founder & CEO of Start-up Genome. "The GSER is the foundation of global knowledge where we, as a network, collaborated to identify what policies really produce economic impact and also in what context."

With an expanding footprint, the 2020 GSER supplies insights as well as guidance to public and private leaders about exactly how to foster thriving start-up ecosystems, particularly forwarding the conversation on just how governments can support and leverage tech ecosystems to restart delaying economies recovering from the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Discover just how more than 100 business communities throughout the world stack up and also view the full report here: http://startupgenome.com/report/GSER2020


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