The Dubai Messaging App that Is Aiming to Take on WhatsApp and Snapchat

A Dubai-based businessman has revealed ambitious plans to take on WhatsApp, Snapchat, and the many other popular messaging platforms that are currently on the market. Having already been granted the right to offer video calls from telecom operator Du , Balvinder Singh Sahni now has his sights set on global expansion. Having invested Dh400 millio...

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Keep your employee happy with these easy tricks

If there is one thing that makes or breaks a business, its employee motivation. Of course, a good…

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Why are performance reviews of employees useful?

Performance reviews are a huge task for workers. Performance reviews cannot be carried out in one…

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Expo 2020 Dubai tickets

Expo 2020 Dubai tickets

173 days of fun. Food. Music. Tech. Culture. Creativity. And that's just the start.
Starts from 20…

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Food app

How does Food Delivery Business Take Advantage of Digitalization?

How digitalization is benefiting the businesses? The most obvious answer to this question is…

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angels investor

What does angel investors look for?

Angels are here. But what it takes to make them interested in your startup? Lately, there is lot of…

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Why social media matters in 2019 and beyond?

Research suggests the average American spends nearly 116 minutes a day on social media every day.…

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Skills needed to become a successful digital marketer

The digital industry is constantly undergoing change. People are using the internet for everything…

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E com

How to Grow Your E-commerce Business to the Next Level?

According to research published by BigCommerce and Square, there is no indication of slowing the…

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How to choose the best wireless security cameras – Few Tips

Security cameras are perhaps one of those things that nobody would ever feel is a part of their…

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Startups need to care a lot about the cyber security

A decade ago the technology strategy of an organization was only second to the business strategy.…

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Mobile App development Matters a lot Today

Mobile apps are undeniably today an important part of our daily lives. Without these devices, we…

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Dhow cruise

Top three things to try in your visit to Dubai

When people are looking for a destination to have an exciting holiday, Dubai is one of the most…

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SEO a marketing strategy for the digital agencies

Some advertising company in the UAE or any part of the world is using optimization of search…

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What Makes a Good Website in 2019?

What Makes a Good Website in 2019?

Now that nearly every business – from your local bakery to the huge corporate that squats in your…

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Former Amazon Product Manager Startup Lifeboat should be an Expedia brand for medical travel

Prior to launching Lifeboat in 2015, Mithika Gupta had a prolific career of 15 years at Dell,…

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Biggest Challenges faced by the startups while building a team

The next large thing is startups. Research demonstrates, however, that almost 70% of startups grow…

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