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Sharjah Ladies Club Promotes Healthy Living, by Celebrating World Wellness Weekend

Sharjah Ladies Club Promotes Healthy Living, by Celebrating World Wellness Weekend

With World Wellness Weekend due to be marked on the 19th and 20th of September, Sharjah Ladies Club stated that they will be playing in the event for the second time with a variety of both physical and virtual activities. Sharjah Ladies Club aims to make women towards one purpose by enabling and encouraging them to lead a healthier lifestyle, as well as providing events to improve their skills and relax in world-class facilities while taking all safety precautions.



Now in its fourth year, World Wellness Weekend was designed to promote wellbeing and a more active lifestyle, helping people to think about their physical and mental health. More than 120 countries now participate in the two-day celebrations, organizing fun, free and promoting events for thousands of people. This year, Sharjah Ladies Club is participating by establishing a diversity of registered virtual activities for all women and children.


Director-General of Sharjah Ladies Club, Mrs Khawla Al Serkal, said: “World Wellness Weekend fits flawlessly with values and ethos of Sharjah Ladies Club. Everything we centre on empowerment, self-improvement, as well as physical and mental wellbeing, giving women the ability to lead better and more fulfilling lifestyles. By offering them productive activities over this special weekend devoted to health, we are bringing together all women and concentrating minds on what wellbeing means to the modern woman.”



A Weekend to Enjoy On the 19th of September, Dalouk Wellness Spa will be hosting a virtual lecture from Altearah’s international trainer, which takes place between 5 pm and 6 pm. For the second day, September 20th, ladies can book a personal meeting with a global trainer from Esse between 1 pm and 5 pm, to explore how they can take better care of their skin. 


A free scalp massage or anti-ageing eye massage will also be given when purchasing selected treatments. Orchid Beauty Boutique, while, will be celebrating this event by creating a virtual workshop on the Science of Hair and Scalp, led by a specialist trainer from Kerastase. Clients are being urged to bring along a ‘wellness buddy’, and will be compensated with complimentary treatments including a scalp and foot massage.



How to Get Involved

Fitness 180° Center will be offering a full day of energetic workouts between 9 am and 6 pm on the 19th, including flexibility, challenges, pound classes, soul ride and a boot camp. On both days, the Collage Talent Center will be running teen fitness classes and a mother and child movement class, enabling women to spend quality time with their children and focus on family health. In addition to these fitness events, the sports complex will provide beach activities for tennis gatherings and a day of fun in the sun.


Speaking ahead of World Wellness Weekend, Alya Al Harmoudi, Business Management Head at Sharjah Ladies Club said: “This is an amazingly inspiring event for Sharjah Ladies Club, and we want to get as many people as attainable involved. We’re supporting women to explore our schedule and find something which advances to them. This is a perfect chance to encourage all women and we would love to see as many ladies as possible to participate in this global event, so please join us on the 19th and 20th of September.”