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Sacha Jafri and GEMS Wellington International School students team up to help create the world's largest art canvas

Sacha Jafri and GEMS Wellington International School students team up to help create the world's largest art canvas

GEMS Wellington International School students are set to commemorate their roles as part of a world-record-breaking artistic achievement after operating alongside famous artist, Sacha Jafri, to create the biggest painting on canvas.


The painting by Dubai-based UK artist, Jafri, measures almost 1600 metres squared, comprising the entire floor of all four ballrooms at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. It is anticipated to receive Guinness World Record recognition.


Children from around the world were invited to submit their artwork around the lines of Isolation and Connection during COVID-19 lockdown for Jafri to take motivation from. He then chose some of the artworks of GEMS Wellington International pupils, which most inspired him, and those chosen were then asked to spend the afternoon with Jafri via Zoom.


The fortunate pupils made their way to the GEMS Wellington International School theatre to dial into Sacha at the Atlantis on the Palm where he gave a live virtual tour of his creation and pupils shared the motivation behind their pieces.


Sacha Jafri said: “I was surprised with the action of the children from GEMS Wellington International School, the feeling and emotions they had put into their artworks was truly exciting for the creation of my painting, ‘The Journey of Humanity’.


“To then be able to join with the children over Zoom and hear their own words and speeches touched my soul. It is about uniting the world and seeing a greater future through the hearts, minds and souls of the children of the world.”


Hakan Erkam, Head of Art and Design at GEMS Wellington International School, said: “Sacha was truly inspirational. His enthusiasm and dedication to art were obvious and inspiring. He bestowed special interest in every student; he examined their work describing the reasons for selection and how the art pieces will be used as a part of this giant artwork. Sacha also told the pupils some fascinating stories which they can treasure and remember all their lives. Sacha helped our students to learn how to ‘think big’ and aim for their best in whatever they do.”


Janet Khambhati, Year 2 (ages 6-7), GEMS Wellington International School, and the freshest pupil to take part in this fabulous occasion, said: “I was chosen by Sacha for my painting of doctors and nurses. I went on to the stage and we talked all about our artwork and asked him questions. I saw the biggest artwork that Sacha Jafri created. It was very awesome,” she said.


Jafri specified in the Zoom session that he was able to stay inspired for the many months of production from getting all the artwork from the hundreds of children from around 140 countries.


As the only school in Dubai to officially engage directly with Jafri in this record-breaking success, the participating GEMS Wellington International School pupils were also invited to attend the unveiling of the art, which will be held in the Atlantis ballroom itself later in the year.