Medad Technology Leads UAE's Intellectual Property Landscape with 331 Patents

Medad Technology, a subsidiary of Medad Holding and a leading UAE-based HealthTech company, proudly announces a series of groundbreaking milestones that highlight its commitment to revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. In 2022, the company invested $150 million in R&D, product development, and manufacturing, paving the way for new advances in Consumer HealthTech, Pharmaceutical HealthTech, and Power Management. This investment has culminated in an impressive portfolio of 331 patents and four proprietary chips, positioning Medad Technology at the forefront of the UAE's thriving intellectual property landscape.

In 2022, Medad Technology accounted for 39% of all patents originating from the UAE at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), trailing only Khalifa University and Abu Dhabi Oil Company. This achievement underscores Medad Technology's competitive edge in research and development, contributing to the UAE's global standing as the 51st nation in innovation.

Medad Technology has since made significant breakthroughs, including the creation of an ultrasonic delivery system that overcomes the limitations of traditional inhalation devices. By developing advanced proprietary electronics and algorithms, Medad has streamlined power management, enhanced functionality, and operational precision, optimizing aerosol delivery. The innovative chipset, compared to existing off-the-shelf components, has the potential to advance power management beyond inhalation, with multiple applications within the semiconductor industry.

"At Medad Technology, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of public health innovation with novel therapeutic solutions. Our achievements in patent acquisition and the development of proprietary technologies demonstrate an unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes. Innovation is central to the UAE's economic growth, and Medad remains committed to contributing to this vision by establishing a strong presence in R&D, design, engineering, product development, and manufacturing," said Mohammed Alshaiba Almazrouei, President of Medad Technology.

In a recent clinical study, Medad Technology's cutting-edge ultrasonic delivery system, featuring proprietary chips and algorithms, demonstrated unparalleled efficiency in drug delivery by controlling aerosol particle size. The technology enables direct delivery to the deepest regions of the lungs through inhalation, bypassing the user's metabolism and facilitating direct bloodstream absorption.

The success of Medad's technology marks a significant leap forward in improving drug delivery efficiency, thus enhancing the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses and enabling the inhalation of medications previously limited to oral administration in pill form. This breakthrough has the potential to transform the pharmaceutical field by lowering costs through dose reduction and minimizing drug wastage while mitigating the side effects of traditional oral medications.

Medad Technology is primarily focusing on evaluating its technology as a nicotine replacement therapy to aid smoking cessation. With tobacco smoking being the leading cause of preventable death, accounting for over 8 million deaths globally per year according to the WHO, the company's innovative approach offers a promising solution. Unlike traditional nicotine replacement therapy products, efficiently delivering nicotine through inhalation provides rapid relief of cravings while maintaining the habitual aspect, ultimately increasing the success rate of quitting smoking. The use of ultrasound eliminates the chemicals that cause smoking-related diseases, such as formaldehyde and acrolein, reducing potential harm to the user.

Additionally, Medad Technology is developing novel drug delivery methods to treat diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, a condition becoming more prevalent as the world's population ages. The company's inhalation-based treatment is designed to reduce side effects commonly associated with existing pill-based medications, providing a more effective and patient-friendly treatment option.

Medad Technology's groundbreaking advancements mark a significant leap forward in improving drug delivery efficiency, opening doors for developing novel, cost-effective, and patient-centric treatment options. As the company continues to innovate, Medad Technology is committed to shaping the future of the HealthTech industry by integrating AI and large language models (LLMs) into their solutions. With a forward-looking vision, the company strives to establish the UAE as a vibrant hub of engineering and manufacturing excellence. Central to this ambition is their state-of-the-art facility in Abu Dhabi, where research and design converge with rapid prototyping, PCB population, and production processes, affirming their dedication to excellence and the development of an eminent UAE-made product portfolio.

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