Dubat Taxi launches Limo service for the tourist sector

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has actually released a 24/7 limousine service offering deluxe cars with exceptional chauffeurs for customers in the tourist sector such as hotels, tour operators, and airline companies in addition to government business & entities.

"This step is taken in the context of undertakings of the DTC to improve the services provided in general and to this essential sector in particular under its strategic vision of: Pioneers in Passenger Transport Services. This service is supplied in an exceptional service environment characterized by elegant & exclusive services; different from the conventional taxi service," stated Yousef Al Ali, CEO of the Dubai Taxi Corporation.

This service can be reserved by sending an e-mail message to: (, calling (04-2080555), going to DTC's customers service office at the Arrivals Lounge, Terminal 3, Dubai Airport, or through the smart app: DTC Limo.

"The service is provided at competitive rates & at a variety of meter-based fare alternatives varying according to locations and the timing. Reserving can be quickly completed through the website, cell phone apps, e-mail, or telephone. Well turned out, decent and professional drivers are supplied together with modern & deluxe cars, 24/7 customers care center, and reception services at Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at the Dubai Airports.

"Customers service staff are deployed 24/7 to welcome visitors and companion them to their Limos. A personal welcome is offered to the guest upon arrival at Terminal 1, 2 or 3 of the Dubai Airports where the guest is recognized through a digital board showing the name of the guest who will then be accompanied to the VIP Lounge and assistance offered in carrying bags," explained Al Ali.

"The DTC likes responding to all questions and suggestions associating with limo services within 24 hours, and offer top class services & facilities. The DTC handles over 4600 cabs providing a variety of services consisting of the standard taxi, Hala Taxi, Ladies & Families Taxi, Airport Taxi, Hatta Taxi, Hybrid Taxi, and the VIP Taxi. To run such services, the DTC utilizes more than11,000 taxi drivers to serve the general public and clients 24/7 on shift basis.

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