Azizi Developments matures into a brokerage-oriented business

Azizi Developments, a main private designer in the UAE, is finding a way to fortify its associations with its brokerage partners, with channel partner sales comparative with in-house deals having flooded by 15% over the past 6 months.

Azizi, being glad to be a noticeable designer in the quickly growing land scene of the UAE, is embracing new and improved methods for leading its business tasks. In accordance with it building up itself as a developed enterprise, similar to real estate players in progressively developed markets, the developer is currently putting a significantly more grounded accentuation on its expert business connect with to a greater extent an emphasis on outsourcing deals rather than in executing them directly.

Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, stated: "Business firms are tremendous to the real estate industry and to us as a developer. They are the accomplished delegate that maintains the clients best interest and encourages a transparent flow of data. We thank our business accomplices for their steady help and commitment and anticipate a productive and mutually useful future that we will encourage through a few new activities".

"As a designer, our emphasis is on creating purchasing prime land, world-class structuring and building, powerful project management, and client servicing for the communities and buildings that we create. Conveying quality properties on time is our highest priority. Guaranteeing that our clients' eventual benefits are met and surpassed will consistently stay at the very front line of the entirety of our choices. This is the thing that we specialise in, and while we will also maintain an in-house deals force, we accept that business are best left to financier firms who spend significant time in this domain. Our in-house group will concentrate more on dealing with our associations with our esteemed channel partner, supporting them in finishing deals. This is the model that we are moving towards, which is as of now a best practice in mature markets. With Dubai developing so quickly, a movement that we are pleased to be a piece of, we are presently seeking after this practice ourselves."

Azizi Developments considers its brokerage partners an essential part of its plan of action, with it actualizing a few new measures to help them, including patched up commission pay-out, rebate and fixed-evaluating approaches, upgraded advertising support, exclusively assigned agency managers, and supported in-house promoting and PR endeavors, among other help capacities. In addition, Azizi is additionally starting global roadshows, allowing UAE business firms remarkable abroad sales platforms.

The ongoing rebuilding at Azizi Developments has situated it as a steady, solid, and transparent developer with customer centricity as its main focus. Azizi is presently better changed in accordance with economic situations and works more proficiently than any other time before, filling in as the accomplice that its business firms need. This year, the organization centers on development and delivery, as it has marked 2019 as its Year of Construction.

In 2019 alone, Azizi's contractual workers have thrown more than 117 slabs, poured more than 165,000 tons of cement, raised more than of 45 cranes, and built more than 120,744 sq m crosswise over Azizi Developments' continuous projects. The organization presently has 54 tasks that are to be delivered somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2023, and more than 130 undertakings in their planning phase that worth several billion US dollars, anticipated to be delivered in between 2023 and 2025.

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