Know what makes this Businessman stand out in the Industry

Mr. Mirshad Moopan, the Managing Director of MRC Shipping & Logistics L.L.C, is a renowned figure in the business industry, with a business set up considered one of the leading freight forwarding and NVOCC operators based in Dubai, UAE. 

Mr. Mirshad, another outstandingly established expat businessman in the UAE, hails from the town of Tirur in Kerala, India and is a proud member of the Moopan family.

“How did you start off your business with MRC Shipping and Logistics L.L.C?”

We had our first branch of Shipping and Logistics in Doha, Qatar, where it was a family business. The flourishing of the company prompted me to branch out an arm of the same in the UAE. UAE as always is a dynamic hub of business opportunities and the booming market place in Dubai led me to start off with MRC Shipping & Logistics here, back in 2004. During the tender age, we were a small set up that comprised merely of me and a single staff.”

Today MRC Shipping & Logistics L.L.C is a well-established team with numerous global partners in both shipping and airlines. In shipping it partners with Qatar Navigation, China Shipping, CMA CGM and much more while in airlines global partnership, it has ties with Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and more.

What is the prime strength of your company that makes it a unique name in the industry?”

I owe the credit of my company’s growth and success to my highly supportive staff that has been with me throughout the journey, rain or shine. I am also greatly obliged to my father-in-law whom I consider my mentor. His 30 years of experience in the industry is where I gained the knowledge and confidence to kick start my company. I am greatly indebted to his guidance that led me strong enough to face the challenges. 
Also, we are a service-oriented industry which means that our success largely relies on how well we serve our customers.”

MRC Shipping & Logistics provides customers with various services including Land Freight, Ocean Freight, Air Freight and Custom Broker.

What are the obstacles you faced during the growth stage of your company?”

With the easy-business and expat-friendly atmosphere in Dubai, thankfully I didn’t have to face many obstacles, other than some unavoidable financial issues that we faced at the starting stage. At times the cash flow seemed to create issues but that is natural to the industry and I take it positively as nothing but a challenge to overcome.”

Mr. Mirshad’s strong and stern approach to things makes him an outstanding businessman with an optimistic vantage point that can turn adversities into advantages.

What are your views about the new-gen entrepreneurs and young businessmen?”

I must admit that I came to this industry by chance or say, by force. But soon enough I was able to find my stand in it and utilize my resources to establish the company. Today I find the young generation more goal-oriented. Youngsters today choose what they must make out of their lives. These days, shipping and logistics is a course of study offering students with a certified degree in the course making them more efficient and equipped, unlike the atmosphere back in my youth when awareness about this industry was comparatively less."

“What is that one thing you stick to, in your business?”

Our service-oriented nature of business makes us highly accountable and holds us responsible to our customers. One thing I keep reminding my staff is to promise only what one can do for the customer and never make false promises. Our customers plan and arrange their delivery according to our schedule and any fault from our side will lead to complications with adverse after-effects.”

Mr. Mirshad's hardwork and unwavering dedication have played a major role in the growth of his establishment. A combination of utter humility accompanied by uncompromising determination makes him an exemplary leader. 

MRC Shipping & Logistics is a team strongly guided by ethics. They offer services 24x7 and are answerable to their valuable customers anytime. 

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