Septuagenarian Visitor's Life Saved at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah Despite Multiple Heart Stoppages Caused by Severe Grief

In a remarkable display of medical prowess, Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, part of Emirates Health Services, has once again showcased its excellence by successfully saving the life of a septuagenarian Asian visitor who experienced multiple cardiac arrests.

The septuagenarian had traveled to the UAE to visit her daughter, who had tragically lost her hand in a car accident. Overwhelmed by grief, the woman suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Thanks to swift action, she was rushed to the emergency department at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, where doctors immediately administered life-saving CPR.

Upon examination, medical tests revealed a severe heart attack, accompanied by a rapid decline in circulation and a sharp drop in blood pressure. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, medical staff swiftly administered clot-busting agents and transferred the patient to the catheterization unit within two hours of symptom onset, a decision that ultimately proved pivotal in saving her life.

Dr. Karim Mustafa, Cardiology Consultant and Head of the Emergency Department at Kuwait Hospital, underscored the importance of the rapid response and timely intervention. He emphasized that the hospital's comprehensive strategy, which prioritizes prompt management of heart attack cases, has significantly contributed to higher recovery rates and reduced instances of disability among patients.

Dr. Ahmed Khaled Alalawi, Internal Medicine Specialist at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, elaborated on the severity of the patient's condition upon arrival. Despite experiencing multiple cardiac arrests, successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed, and the patient was promptly placed on a ventilator. The following day, signs of recovery emerged as the patient began to respond by moving her hands and opening her eyes. Subsequently, she was successfully taken off the ventilator and transferred to the hospital's internal medicine department for further care and monitoring.

The successful outcome of this case highlights the exceptional medical expertise and dedication of the healthcare professionals at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, reaffirming its position as a leading healthcare institution committed to saving lives and providing exemplary patient care.

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