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SANAD AD Announces Investment Into Local Food and Beverage Company Slices

  • SANAD AD Announces Investment Into Local Food and Beverage Company Slices

SANAD AD Announces Investment Into Local Food and Beverage Company Slices

Abu Dhabi based investment firm, SANAD AD has today announced a minority investment in local food and also beverage firm Slices.

The strategic new collaboration is expected to assist Slices in its continuing crusade to give wholesome, nourishing meals within the education and learning industry, throughout colleges in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah-- boosting the health and wellness of the next generation by reversing the increase of persistent way of living diseases such as diabetic issues. The company got first funding support from the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED).

Faisal Al Hammadi, Ceo (Chief Executive Officer), Slices, said, “We are very excited with this new partnership that we have forged with SANAD AD, which is a result of years of studying the market--understanding its challenges and developing solutions that will allow our business model to remain competitive in the market and continue to grow Year-on-Year. The investment from SANAD AD will now give us the key ability of moving on to the next phase of our strategy, which entails expanding our presence across the UAE and later throughout the GCC market.”

Kamal Raza, Director of Investments at SANAD AD clarifies that there is an alignment of core worths in between SANAD AD and Pieces, in the stipulation of healthy and balanced outcomes for kids.

“Our investment in Slices reinforces our focus on community health and playing our part in providing high quality health resources to residents and nationals of the UAE,” explains Kamal.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al Darmaki, CEO, KFED, prolonged his congratulations to Slices on its most recent accomplishment. He shared that the latest growth is simply among the numerous success tales of SMEs that the Fund has helped launch over the years.

"We are genuinely proud of Slices as well as their brand-new investment partnership with SANAD AD. Their success mirrors KFED's solid dedication towards promoting a culture of entrepreneurship amongst Emiratis and motivating development as well as growth throughout neighborhood SMEs. Feel confident that we will remain to sustain firms like Slices and aid them become key factors to the UAE's economic development," wrapped up Al Darmaki.