Offering virtual clinic services and home visitations to the patints Emirates Health Services Handles 12,795 Calls, Emails, and Chats During The Unprecedented Weather Conditions

In response to the recent adverse weather conditions in the UAE, Emirates Health Services (EHS) has revealed that it received an impressive total of 12,795 communications through various channels. These communications included 11,125 calls, 1,120 chats via their website, and 550 emails.

The surge in communication underscores EHS's proactive approach in enhancing its digital channels to bolster communication with the public and ensure efficient delivery of essential healthcare support during emergencies.

Ahmed Alsuwaidi, Director of Customer Happiness at Emirates Health Services, underscored the organization's steadfast dedication to providing uninterrupted healthcare services to customers across various locations, be it in medical facilities, through home medical services, or virtual clinics. He emphasized EHS's swift response in addressing the community's needs during the recent weather crisis, highlighting its pivotal role in delivering healthcare services and maintaining effective communication channels for public access.

EHS's robust response strategy during the exceptional weather conditions reflects its commitment to delivering comprehensive care to all societal groups, showcasing its unwavering dedication to public health and well being.

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