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In line with Abu Dhabi's leading efforts in digital transformation ‘Artificial Intelligence Lab’ launched by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

In line with Abu Dhabi's leading efforts in digital transformation ‘Artificial Intelligence Lab’ launched by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) has launched the ‘Artificial Intelligence Lab,’ another activity which will give a committed platform to create inventive digital solutions utilizing AI and machine learning and apply these solutions to enhance the proficiency in services and contribute to greatness in government performance.

The AI lab, which was reported at the recently concluded ‘GITEX Technology Week’, shapes part of ADDA’s methodology to utilize cutting-edge technology applications in creating innovative digital solutions for various government services in partnership with Abu Dhabi government entities. Utilizing the most recent technologies is one of the key pillars that will help ADDA drive the emirate’s digital future as a leading global hub for technological innovation.

The ’AI lab’ offers high-performance computing capacities and has been made accessible for all Abu Dhabi government elements as a service, where users can access the platform and have the opportunity to know more about Machine Learning techniques, develop simulation and predictive models with their data sets, engage with AI experts, and experiment with Data Sets for Data Visualization. ADDA has trained more than 70 Abu Dhabi government representatives on AI technologies and has already adopted plans to train 120 employees more over the next two months.

Gives the chance to master the use of AI and machine learning techniques and equipment, develop simulation models, and interact with all AI experts. The TRA has prepared more than 70 Abu Dhabi Government employees on AI technologies. It also plans to train 120 more to be trained over the next two months. The Authority has made the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory available to all government employees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The initiative was launched following an agreement signed between ADDA and IBM in March 2019, where the parties have consented to start key zones of cooperation in several fields. One of its key focus was investigating initiatives that will improve government work at all levels based on AI solutions, in accordance with the UAE Strategy for Artificial intelligence.

H.E. Dr. Rauda Al Saadi, Director General of ADDA, said that launching the ‘Artificial Intelligence Lab’ is testament to the Abu Dhabi’s strong drive to promote digital change and the incorporation of government services through leading technologies. She noted that it is a significant step forward in its endeavors to leverage AI technologies in advancing digital government services that meet the needs of people and businesses, especially in key sectors such as housing, education, health, and work and leisure, with the ultimate goal of accomplishing happiness and prosperity for the Abu Dhabi society.

H.E Dr. Al Saadi included: “The ‘Artificial Intelligence Lab’ will fill in as an integrated platform for learning, analysis and exchange of expertise and knowledge in various fields of AI in accordance with the Emirate’s commitment to invest in human capital and constantly develop the skills and capabilities of government staff.”

She underlined the significance of reinforcing strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors in the field of digital technology, which is part of the Emirate’s endeavors to prepare a digitally empowered generation, as well as the continuous endeavors to advance the capabilities of Emiratis. Dr. Al Saadi further commented that having the skills will empower them to utilize AI tools in creating government services in the Emirate.

As a component of its joint initiative with IBM, ADDA held a progression of training courses, interactive workshops and panel discussions for Abu Dhabi Government employees, where AI experts discussed practical applications based on AI technologies. The initiative was planned at raising awareness about today’s emerging technologies among employees and bolster their decision-making when it comes to creating innovative government solutions for all sectors in the Emirate.

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