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Knowledge Summit 2019: MBRF and UNDP Discuss Findings of ‘Global Knowledge Index’ and ‘Future of Knowledge Foresight Report’

Knowledge Summit 2019: MBRF and UNDP Discuss Findings of ‘Global Knowledge Index’ and ‘Future of Knowledge Foresight Report’

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are gearing up to launch the 2019 editions of the Global Knowledge Index and Future of Knowledge Foresight Report – both part of the Knowledge Project.

Discoveries of both projects are set to be reported at the Knowledge Summit 2019, which MBRF will be organising for the sixth year in a row on November 19-20 at the Dubai World Trade Centre under the theme ‘Knowledge: The Path to Sustainable Development’.

The two organisations are taking a shot at the Future of Knowledge Foresight Report in a joint effort with global assurance, tax, and consulting services provider PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to be an expansion of the Global Knowledge Index. The first of its kind in the world, the report sets up an association between knowledge and future technologies; it documents results from 40 countries around the world that have built up their skillsets in tech sectors, and have made advancements in building knowledge-based societies and economies.

MBRF’s CEO His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb underlined the significance of the Global Knowledge Index and Future of Knowledge Foresight Report, which offer an amazing reference tool for countries around the world to study the state of knowledge in their respective communities, and discover recommendations that help countries build knowledge-based societies that can defeat the difficulties of the future and guarantee feasible development.

Besides, MBRF and the UNDP are working on the current year's edition of the Global Knowledge Index, which analyzes the condition of knowledge in countries around the world, registering the opportunities and challenges it creates along seven sectors: pre-university education; higher education; technical and vocational education and training; research, development, and innovation; information and communications technology; economy; and the general enabling environment.

Dr Hany Torky, Director of the Knowledge Project at the UNDP, explained that the teams working on the Index and the Report include prominent experts and academics from around the world, and are working to track and calculate the findings of this year’s Index. The Global Knowledge Index seeks to present a qualitative diagnosis of the state of knowledge around the world, while the Report offers an analysis of the Future of Knowledge Foresight model, as well as recommendations for building knowledge economies.

The Future of Knowledge Foresight Report 2018 surveyed 20 countries, including the top five scoring countries in the Global Knowledge Index, among others, analysing data from 150 million digital sources using 16 programming languages. The Report was developed over the course of an entire year, where the strengths and weaknesses of these countries were evaluated. Its findings revealed that the UAE is one of seven nations to lead the world in terms of knowledge in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Global Knowledge Index 2018 saw the UAE advance six ranks compared to the previous year, coming in 19th place instead of 25th, making it first in the Arab World and second on an international scale in the ‘Economy’ sector. Switzerland took the first spot out of 134 countries on the Global Knowledge Index 2018, followed by Finland, Sweden, the United States, and Luxembourg.

The agenda for the Knowledge Summit 2019 spreads a wide cluster of topics identified with supportable advancement, from vitality, education, and health, to women’s empowerment, lifelong learning, and renewable energy, among others. The 2019 Summit unites driving specialists and decision makers from around the world.

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