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Hoo Global, blockchain asset servicing platform debuts at Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai

  • Hoo Global, blockchain asset servicing platform debuts at Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai

Hoo Global, blockchain asset servicing platform debuts at Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai



Future Blockchain Summit 2021 officially kicked off on October 17 at the Dubai World Trade Center headlined by world-renowned tech heavyweights Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google with blockchain innovation company Hoo Global making its maiden appearance to showcase a technology feast for global audiences. 

The annual summit, which is composed of conferences, seminars, investor programs, hackathons, exhibitions and other components, brings together the world's top developers, transformative innovators, the most disruptive innovation companies, and powerful investors.

Dr. Farzam, executive chairman of Hoo Global during his "Blockchain Industry Innovation and Contemporary Finance” presentation, , illustrated crucial opportunities and challenges that continue to face blockchain technology for contemporary finance.

Dr. Farzam said “The first change of blockchain technology to contemporary finance is the change of financial instruments. Blockchain is closely integrated with traditional finance, NFT, virtual space, and other scenarios, and there will be more innovations in the future."

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency since 2018 have become innovative technologies and industries that Dubai focuses on. The government's macro-level support for the blockchain industry as well as the dominant conditions such as a safe and stable social environment, a developed financial industry, and the gathering of high-tech talents have made Dubai a landing point for many blockchain companies to conduct business globally.

The summit is also an innovative move by Dubai to further enhance industry development and focus on the industry's breaking point. Due to the regulatory environment that offers blockchain companies the much-needed space to explore applications, as well as Dubai's strategic location and talent pool, Hoo Global has now established a global operation center in Dubai, using it as an important node to radiate the global market.

In addition, Hoo Global is diligently working with local governments and enterprises to develop blockchain applications at the level of empowering traditional business and social governance, and relying on Hoo Global 's ecological facilities, industry resources, technology accumulation and other advantages to promote the comprehensive development of blockchain technology and applications in Dubai, other parts of the Middle East and the world.

Hoo Global being the gold sponsor of this conference, shows its elements everywhere. In particular, the cartoon image of this company, Tiger Cub, was loved by many attendees and lot of people took pictures with it. Rexy Wang, founder of Hoo Global, said the encryption technology will bring more fairness, transparency, and convenience to the world in the future.

The Future Blockchain Summit in its third year is a grand event where blockchain practitioners from all over the world gather to discuss and promote its development and growth. Rexy Wang added to his comments “We welcome project parties, institutions, and investors who are willing to make friends with Hoo to join us and promote the sustainable development of the industry together”