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HKS Architects Master Planner of Triple Bay and The Coastal Development Appointed by AMAALA


HKS Architects Master Planner of Triple Bay and The Coastal Development Appointed by AMAALA

HKS appointed Master Planner for AMAALA’s Triple Bay and The Coastal Development

AMAALA, the ultra-luxury destination situated along Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline, has unveiled the appointment of global design firm HKS Architects as Master Planner for Triple Bay and The Coastal Development. Set in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve, AMAALA will bring to life the desires and goals of a community passionate about shaping, and living, transformative moments.

Commenting on the appointment Chief Executive Officer of AMAALA, Nicholas Naples, stated: “AMAALA will be a internationally recognised destination for arts and culture, as well as one of the most comprehensive, integrative health, wellness, and sports offerings in the world. In collaboration with HKS Architects, we look forward to realising our vision for Triple Bay and The Coastal Development by apprehending the best in travel by the innovation of transformative personal journeys for the world’s most discerning travellers.”

Triple Bay will provide a completely holistic wellness retreat, modern diagnostic medical facilities, and genuine treatments influenced by the local environment and traditional practices. The community will be the first truly integrated sports and entertainment community with diagnostics, medical, and transformative wellness blended with learning in a family friendly environment.

With underwater experiences that will immerse visitors straight away into the natural domain of dolphins, turtles, and untouched coral reefs, Triple Bay is set to emerge as one of the world’s finest diving destinations in the world.

The Coastal Development is set to emerging as the defining hub of modern arts in the Middle East, performing host to a dynamic programme of interesting events from the international arts and cultural calendar. Built on philanthropy, the immersive programmes will be innovative, practical, and academic with a strong link to the Saudi community.

The Coastal Development will aspect an arts museum and cultural district dedicated to maintaining ancient crafts alive, along with an amphitheatre for live performances. This stretch of coastline will be a gathering place for a community of influencers and connoisseurs complete with premium spa amenities, yoga, meditation, in addition to an equestrian centre outfitted to provide rehabilitation, high-tech stabling, tournament-grade polo facilities, and instructors.

Master Planning & Design Principal of HKS Architects, Kevin Underwood, stated: “The developments at Triple Bay and The Coastal Development provide a once-in-a-career chance to form a new vacation spot from the beginning and it’s a privilege to be involved as Master Planners. We’re bringing together the international expertise of our firm, using our expertise of designing for healthcare, sports, and other uses allied to many years’ experience of working with luxury hotels and resorts to develop something innovative and contemporary. Durability in all aspects is at the heart of our design, seamlessly integrating landscape and buildings with the beautiful mountain and marine landscape of the Red Sea.”

AMAALA’s trio of communities – Triple Bay, Coastal Development, and The Island – will represent three different sets of experiences for visitors. The destination’s development will be carried out in three key phases, with completion slated ahead of the realisation of Saudi Vision 2030.