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Emirates-Israel investment group sees great investment potential in normalization talks.

Emirates-Israel investment group sees great investment potential in normalization talks.

As the talks to normalize relationships among Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) get support, a variety of private sector players from Israel is also required in the nation in search of jointly advantageous investment and trading opportunities.

Coming against the backdrop of the important talks, a group of Israel investors under the auspices of the United Emirates-Israel Investment Group, have displayed a strong interest in developing businesses in various sectors of the regional economy. According to the spokespeople of the Emirates-Israel Investment Group, the exports to the UAE could jump to a yearly $300-$500 million. 

Israel is known as "a start-up nation" is demanded to bring innovative answers in the Energy, Cybersecurity and information industries. The group has named Dubai as the gateway to the region’s active market and their first visit to the UAE is seen as a launchpad for creating business in the wider GCC quarter.

“We are proud of the strong normalization talks among Israel and the UAE - two big nations that can provide more in terms of business growth following a robust annual reciprocal trade. 

As private sector players from Israel, we are also understanding for investment possibilities in key areas such as cyber technology, biotech, green energy and food technology that can additionally extend this relationship,” said Adv. Ofir Bar-Noy, United Emirates-Israel owner of Bar-Noy and Co. Lawyer office and the Co-Founder of the Group. According to Ofir, the group’s principal objective is to collaborate with UAE investors and to provide trade possibilities as well as to build solid support for long term business relationships.

The group further plans to tap into UAE’s unusual status as a local business hub for world-class results and cutting-edge technology to build a market for Israel products and services. Apart from their unmatched expertise in areas such as information and cybersecurity, real estate and law, global business as well as taxation, the organisation also has vast knowledge in agriculture, food, AI and automotive sectors.

With the yearly bilateral deal extensively anticipated to start at US$2 billion and even hit up to US$6.5 billion upon the cooperation’s maturity, according to Israel’s finance ministry, the group is now laying the foundation for would-be Israel and UAE investors to take into account of the normalization agreement to acquire new markets in the region.