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Emicool’s electric vehicle fleet operation marks a year, drops CO2 emissions by 135.5 Tons, maintenance costs by 48%

Emicool’s electric vehicle fleet operation marks a year, drops CO2 emissions by 135.5 Tons, maintenance costs by 48%

Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) LLC, a leading district cooling service provider in the region and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments has published regarding a year of service after the implementation of the first phase with 10 Renault ZOE electric vehicle fleet, cutting CO2 discharges by 135.5 Tons and vehicle support costs by 48%.

Establishing a notable drop in the yearly maintenance costs of electric cars, and the exclusion of fuel costs over conventional cars, the Company established the action is also aiding to environmental and financial sustainability. Emicool is striving to improve and develop the electrical car fleet services across all its 18 district cooling bulbs as part of the efforts repeating the company’s sustainability initiatives. 

Emicool has placed the first private district cooling company in the UAE to convert to the electric vehicle fleet with the Renault ZOE. “In line with promoting the government’s initiative of developing green transportation and with electric vehicles making an ever-greater proportion of transportation fleets around the Middle East, companies across the world are working to provide towards decreasing carbon footprints. We are greatly glad that we have created a year of successful operations with our electrical car fleet. 

To thrive as a company while preserving the future of our environment, we consciously mesh in actions and improve systems, improving sustainability across the whole value chain and set a benchmark in producing sustainable solutions, said Dr Adib Moubadder, CEO, Emicool. With about 50% of the fleet already moving to electrically run cars, the Company I aiming to change the entire fleet by 2024, which would end in a complete decrease in green gas discharges by 400 Ton CO2 per year and reduce the overall vehicle support cost by 48%.

The modern electrically run formation is used to provide efficient customer services, underlining Emicool’s dedication to executing initiatives supporting environmental and financial sustainability overall business phases.

With a driving range in normal conditions of 300km, 7.25 hours charge time for the battery from a single-phase charging station, a 1hr 40min quick-charge option from 0 to 80% and a 2hr 40min option for a 100% charge, Emicool is working with the concerned officials to make more EV charging spots available to facilitate fast recharge of the vehicles, part of Emicool’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, presenting the opportunity to live a greener and more sustainable lives.

Emicool proceeds to play a major role in adding to global efforts to make a real impact on climate change by reducing consumption relying on more extensive operational cycle and preserving natural sources using environmentally friendly district cooling systems, which in turn provide to cost cut for consumers while promoting sustainable development.