Autel Energy IMEA Set to Showcase at EVIS in UAE, Featuring MaxiCharger DC HiPower Debut

Autel Energy, a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging products and services, is set to make a significant impact at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) 2024 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, scheduled from May 20 to 22, 2024. The company will be prominently featured at Booth No. 1213, where it will showcase its groundbreaking solution, the 640 kW MaxiCharger DC HiPower, designed for fleet operators and heavy-duty transport stakeholders seeking unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for faster and more effective charging solutions, particularly for heavy-duty transportation, has never been more urgent. The MaxiCharger DC HiPower sets a new standard in ultra-fast charging, boasting a maximum output power of 640 kW and incorporating liquid-cooling technology. Capable of providing up to 250 miles of range in just 10 minutes, it addresses the pressing need for rapid charging solutions, catering specifically to fleet operators and stakeholders in heavy-duty transportation.

Key features of the MaxiCharger DC HiPower include:

  • Reliable Performance: Equipped with power modules boasting a failure rate below 0.2% and isolated design for uninterrupted system operation. The communication technology ensures reliable charging with up to 99.5% vehicle compatibility and a 99% first-time charging success rate.

  • Intelligent Solutions: One-click guided commissioning facilitates site construction, while intelligent dynamic load balancing improves grid electricity utilization efficiency. Advanced vehicle recognition technology estimates charging time to enhance the charging experience.

  • Scalable: The dispenser count can be adapted based on demand, enabling simultaneous charging for up to 8 vehicles. The power capacity of the cabinet can also be expanded from 320 kW to 640 kW by adding modules.

  • Fast Charging: With a robust 640 kW power pool and a maximum 480 kW single cable output power with liquid cooling system, the MaxiCharger DC HiPower allows for one second of charging to drive one kilometer.

  • Robust Design: Engineered to withstand extreme climates, the DC HiPower operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +55°C, with IP54 protection against dust and water.

Kemin Zuo, Regional Director of Autel IMEA (India, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey), emphasized the significance of the MaxiCharger DC HiPower in Autel's comprehensive intelligent charging ecosystem. Autel Energy is dedicated to crafting integrated solutions tailored to diverse customer needs and scenarios, aiming to play a pivotal role in fortifying sustainable transportation networks in the UAE.

Visitors to Autel Energy's booth at EVIS will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the innovation and performance of the MaxiCharger DC HiPower, along with other product lines for both commercial and residential applications. Reservations and on-site purchases will be available.

Autel Energy eagerly anticipates welcoming visitors at Booth No. 1213 during the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) and showcasing the future of electric vehicle charging technology.

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