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Anti-aging unit of CosmeSurge will soon get launch

Anti-aging unit of CosmeSurge will soon get launch

CosmeSurge will soon open an anti-aging unit to preserve and promote the well-being, health and appearance of patients based on three key principles: integrative medicine, men’s and women's well-being and aesthetic anti-aging. CosmeSurge is one of the best-established cosmetic products brand in the country.

To tackle all these considerations and to concentrate further on the general well-being of an individual, the unit will host the ' Dubai 4 Week Diabesity Cure, ' which will provide an opportunity for us to learn about weight, diabetes control and a lifestyle tailored to improve our health.
"We're excited to launch a new unit focused on anti-aging and integral medicines led by health experts that will help people seek guidance on how to combat factors which contribute to ageing, especially an unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle. We are pleased about this initiative at CosmeSurge and NMC and I am proud to be making the first step in this direction” said NMC Health Chief Operating Officer Michael Davis.
Dr. Graham Simpson, author and creator of the "4 Week Diabesity Cure," will be the key speaker for the event. He has devoted his life's work to research and understand the main cause of the illness and to develop a cure. His study contributed to developing an "INTEGRAL," a model which identifies the 8 root causes of diabetes. The model was carried out using AI, mobile, medically supervised in real time technology, and qualified physicians and healthcare trainers that guide customers through it. It is also moving customers from responsive illness medicine towards proactive (4P) medication that involves customized, predictive, preventive, participatory and concentrated operations to broadening customers ' health and life.

Over time, it has been seen that the major cause of diabetes was a diet that is mainly insulin resistant by most people that includes consuming processed food stacked with surplus sugar, grains and contaminated vegetable oils.

“With increase in insulin levels, the propensity to expend more food increases, thus increasing fat around the stomach, causing aggravation and thus causes other diseases to trigger. Around 80 percent of all diseases worldwide, be it cardiac disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, liver fatty illness, Alzheimer's illness and kidney diseases, are due to insulin resistance and need to be treated before they turn fatal,” said Dr Simpson.

Dr Simpson along with different specialists in the field addressed to the participants about how to invert the disease in a few months, which incorporates enhancing it with a well- defined keto diet, intermittent fasting, along with some continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

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