Almosafer and Red Sea Global collaborate to redefine luxury tourism experience in Saudi Arabia

Almosafer to promote bespoke tourism offerings of Red Sea Global destinations to luxury travellers

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering Saudi Arabia's luxury tourism sector, Almosafer, the kingdom's leading travel company under the Seera Group, has partnered with Red Sea Global (RSG), the developer behind regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea and AMAALA. The collaboration seeks to showcase and promote RSG's tourism developments and bespoke offerings across Almosafer's portfolio of businesses catering to inbound and domestic travelers.

Aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 to enhance luxury tourism and sustainability offerings, the partnership intends to provide specialized training and advisory services to enhance the allure of RSG's destinations to domestic and international luxury travelers. Leveraging Almosafer's extensive experience in the tourism industry and its deep understanding of regional and global travel trends, the collaboration aims to increase the visibility of world-class hotels and pristine ecosystems at The Red Sea, AMAALA, and Thuwal Private Retreat.

Under the partnership, both parties will conduct workshops and specialized training services to enable Almosafer to craft tailored and immersive travel experiences for RSG's luxury destinations. Targeted workshops will focus on enhancing the luxury destinations' appeal to the local market and equipping Almosafer's sales agents with the knowledge and skills to showcase RSG's destinations as unparalleled luxury experiences.

Moreover, the collaboration will include targeted marketing and promotion campaigns to raise awareness among end consumers, highlighting the unique offerings of the destinations and positioning them as must-visit luxury tourism hotspots. Almosafer will curate customized experiences and promote the richness and diversity of the destinations across various channels, including its consumer travel platform, Corporate Travel segment, and Discover Saudi, its Destination Management Company.

Muzzammil Ahussain, CEO of Almosafer, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "The partnership with Red Sea Global reflects our shared vision for redefining luxury travel and shaping the future of luxury tourism in Saudi Arabia." He emphasized Almosafer's commitment to contributing to the elevation of The Red Sea, AMAALA, and Thuwal Private Retreat as unparalleled destinations of choice for discerning clientele.

John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global, highlighted the significance of the partnership in promoting the unique offerings of the destinations. He emphasized the diverse range of experiences and offerings that the growing portfolio of RSG is set to unlock, aiming to attract travelers from all segments.

With a projected contribution of SAR 33 billion (USD 8.79 billion) annually to the Kingdom's economy upon completion, The Red Sea and AMAALA are set to become premier luxury destinations. The destinations span over a combined land of more than 32,000km2, with The Red Sea already hosting three world-class luxury resorts and the first phase of Red Sea International Airport. Thuwal Private Retreat, set to open in 2024, marks another milestone in RSG's commitment to transforming Saudi Arabia's tourism landscape.

Set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes and pristine ecosystems, AMAALA aims to provide transformative wellness journeys, with eight resorts slated to open under Phase One in 2025. The collaboration between Almosafer and Red Sea Global underscores their shared dedication to showcasing the beauty and splendor of Saudi Arabia's luxury tourism destinations on the global stage.

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