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Why a Common Man Like Me Wants the World Expo 2020 in Dubai City

  • Why a Common Man Like Me Wants the World Expo 2020 in Dubai City

Why a Common Man Like Me Wants the World Expo 2020 in Dubai City

Why a Common Man Like Me Wants the World Expo 2020 in Dubai City
By Jeremiah A Odhiambo

The alliteration of Dubai with Dreams is not accidental. Dubai is quite the stuff dreams are made of. A lot more significantly - it remains in Dubai that fantasizes melt into fact with a relatively effortless elegance. The very first time I concerned this Paradise, it merely took my breath away. What greatness! What magnificence! What magic! I was stupefied, absolutely and totally. Dubai, to me, became not a city however a phenomenon. All the dreams that I had actually fantasized concerning my future concerned fruit in this Eden in the world and newer, bigger desires currently fill my mind.

It is true that I could count the number of years I invested in Dubai soil on my fingers - however when I try to identify the presents this wonderful city gave to me in these two years, I find myself wanting many more fingers. The multi-ethnic job culture here provided me inspiring understandings into several cultures across the globe, also as I made close friends galore from the Diasporas of numerous countries breathing the Dubai air.

Working in the employer-friendly feel of the Dubai office, my professional experience expanded manifold. The reliability of the city's innovative, cutting edge infrastructure provided me the remarkable chance to sharpen my work-skills without petty troubles to sidetrack me. The vivid, pink-with-health economic situation of Dubai lessened even the worst of my trepidations concerning my finances ... Really I can continue ... Above all, such was the heat and inflammation with which Dubai invited me that I am ashamed to claim I rarely felt homesick at all.

So exactly what makes this city tick? I would certainly think there are 3 essentials of the Dubai sensation - the cozy, mellow hospitality that welcomes people throughout the world with open arms, the super-efficient and well oiled framework, and the regard for law and technique which contains all the varied elements of this international city with order and approach.

Dubai is like the globe compressed right into one city as virtually 200 nations of the world stay below and work in unison. It resembles a beautiful carpet, the textile which consists of the threads and colours of countries round the world. It is that neutral territory where numerous worldwide relationships are made on a daily basis. It is the cauldron where global concepts satisfy, churn and fuse to develop newer and far better ones every day. Science, innovation, society - it is the center of all that matters.

Wait a minute, am I explaining Dubai, or am I explaining the World Expo? You see - what far better place than Dubai to host the World Exposition 2020 when the city is specifically like an ongoing World Expo itself?

Particularly when the World Exposition 2020 theme is 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future' as this is exactly what Dubai has actually been doing since as long - linking minds and producing the future!

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