Team of 84 employees and workers to carry out sustainable cleaning of beaches in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has allocated a fieldwork team consisting of 12 employees to supervise 72 cleaners who will work around the clock to maintain the cleanliness of public beaches in Dubai and enhance their sustainability and provide a distinctive experience for visitors, citizens, and residents.

This comes in line with Dubai Municipality's ongoing efforts to offer the best services to preserve the beauty, sustainability, and aesthetics of the Emirate of Dubai and its various facilities and tourist attractions, as well as to provide the highest levels of comfort, luxury, and quality of life for its visitors, in keeping with the vision of the wise leadership to make Dubai the best city in the world to live and visit and be one of the world's pioneering cities in the field of hygiene.

Working Team

Eng. Saeed Abdul Rahim Safar, Acting Director of Waste Operations Department at Dubai Municipality, said: We have assigned a field crew to monitor the cleanliness of Dubai's beaches, which are more than 19 km stretch around the clock. This team is outfitted with 13 contemporary mechanisms and equipment that improve rapid reaction to communications and emergency situations. In accordance with an integrated operational work plan divided into three work shifts per day, cleanup operations are also carried out on the beaches will also be carried out on the beaches. The beach areas around Deira and Bur Dubai are covered by 48 workers, and the beaches of Al Mamzar are covered by 24 workers. To maintain the city's environmental sustainability and cleanliness, as well as to improve the appeal and beauty of Dubai's beaches, which are among the best tourist destinations in the world, Dubai Municipality is eager to manage waste and cleaning operations in a comprehensive manner by offering integrated municipal services in various facilities and regions of the emirate.

"To ensure the highest levels of cleanliness on the beaches, the municipality has provided 216 waste collecting facilities at the beaches of Deira and Bur Dubai in an available and visible way to all visitors spacing each 50 meters apart. This has been done to ensure that the tasks are completed with speed and efficiency. Furthermore, the field teams are also following up on the provision of cleaning services on the night beaches that Dubai Municipality recently launched in Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah 3, and Umm Suqeim 1, with a total length of 800 meters available for night swimming., Safar added.

Safar pointed out that in addition to allocating contemporary resources and mechanisms to handle all emergency cases at all levels on the beaches, Dubai Municipality has established a team to handle emergencies and reports pertaining to waste management and cleaning operations. This team will ensure rapid and direct coordination and immediate response in the face of these cases.


During the first half of 2023, the Municipality carried out 63 activities for community volunteering events with the participation of more than 2,165 volunteers as part of the An Hour with the Cleaner initiative, which the municipality has been implementing since 2017, with the aim of keeping the public beaches clean while also enhancing the social responsibility of individuals in the area of environmental sustainability and city cleanliness.

To maintain public cleanliness, Dubai Municipality is keen to incorporate suggestions from the public into new programmes and projects. It also wants to implement the best practices and approaches currently being utilized globally in the field of beach cleanliness.

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