Samsung Electronics Showcases Connected Lifestyle and New Built-in Lineup at EuroCucina 2024

With a focus on seamless connectivity across appliances and as well as innovative new products, Samsung is demonstrating the improvements it bring to customers’ lifestyles

Milan, Italy - In a bid to revolutionize home living, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled its latest premium kitchen and lifestyle offerings at EuroCucina 2024, held in Milan from April 16th to 21st at Rho Fiera Milano. As a premier international kitchen event, EuroCucina provided the perfect platform for Samsung to showcase its vision for a connected home experience.

At the event, Samsung showcased a range of innovative products designed to enhance connectivity and simplify daily tasks in the kitchen and beyond. The centerpiece of Samsung’s exhibit was the demonstration of how interconnected appliances and advanced features will redefine home living.

The exhibition was divided into two main zones: Bespoke AI and Premium Built-in Kitchen. The Bespoke AI zone showcased the expansion of connectivity beyond the kitchen, offering visitors a glimpse into a future where everyday tasks are simplified through intuitive technology.

A key highlight of the Bespoke AI zone was the integration of multiple screens, including the AI Family Hub™ and AI Home, which are built into Samsung's latest appliances. These screens not only provide users with useful information and features but also enable seamless connectivity with other devices through the SmartThings ecosystem.

One of the standout features showcased was the SmartThings 3D Map View, which offers users a three-dimensional perspective of their home, allowing for easy control and monitoring of connected appliances.

Moreover, Samsung demonstrated various real-life scenarios where connectivity and automation enhance efficiency and convenience. From SmartThings Energy Away mode, which automatically powers off appliances when users are out of the house, to energy-saving solutions like Optimal Charging for robot vacuum cleaners, Samsung’s innovations aim to streamline daily life while reducing energy consumption.

In the Premium Built-in Kitchen zone, Samsung unveiled its latest lineup of built-in appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, induction cooktops, and ovens. These products feature AI-applied capabilities and upgraded functionality to cater to diverse lifestyles.

One notable product showcased was the Built-in Wide Bottom Mount Freezer (BRB6500D), the first wide model in Samsung's built-in refrigerator lineup. Equipped with Wi-Fi compatibility and SmartThings AI Energy Mode, this refrigerator enables users to monitor and reduce energy usage while keeping food fresh for longer with its Twin Cooling™ system.

Additionally, Samsung introduced the Anyplace Induction cooktop, which offers unparalleled flexibility with its extensive cooking surface and Intelligent Pan Detection feature. The cooktop also boasts Anti-Scratch Glass for durability and ease of maintenance.

Furthermore, Samsung presented its Energy Efficient Dishwasher, featuring a WaterJet Clean™ system for intensive cleaning and SmartThings connectivity for energy-saving functionalities.

Beyond product showcases, Samsung emphasized its commitment to quality and collaboration, showcasing technologies like AI Ecobubble™ and initiatives like SmartThings Energy, aimed at creating a Net Zero Home and promoting energy-efficient lifestyles.

In conclusion, Samsung's presence at EuroCucina 2024 underscored its dedication to innovation and its vision for a connected and sustainable future in home living. With its groundbreaking products and forward-thinking initiatives, Samsung continues to lead the way in shaping the future of smart home technology.

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