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Knowing Expo 2020 Dubai– The theme and subthemes

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Knowing Expo 2020 Dubai– The theme and subthemes

Countdown: Exactly 582 days until Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

Dubai, 17 March 2019: The Expo 2020 Dubai is going to be the largest event ever staged in the Arab world that would welcome 190 participating countries along with millions of visitors from around the world.  Expo 2020 Dubai has been crafted around the main theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. Expo 2020 is all about technology for a better tomorrow. It aims to bring in the minds of different people to create better solutions for tomorrow. It caters to inspire ideas that will spark up tomorrow’s history.

Further, Expo 2020 Dubai has three subthemes:



Dubai has opened the door, even before Opportunity had to knock! Expo 2020 seeks to embrace in it, the idea of opportunity and power of each one of us to shape the future. Expo 2020 will unlock this potential in varied ways including the supporting of solutions to social problems through the Expo Live programme as well as introducing visitors to new ideas and that would spark up action.



Movement is as inevitable in the Expo 2020 Dubai as it is in our lives. It discusses how fostering a smarter and better movement of knowledge, ideas, and goods to open up new horizons has helped us explore new frontiers, and how humanity is making greater leaps than ever through digital connectivity. 



Development should never be at the cost of resources on the earth. Expo 2020 advocates a sustainable way of living and developing. At a critical juncture as of now, wherein the earth is facing major setbacks, Expo 2020 seeks to embrace alternative sources of food, water, and clean and renewable energy.