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Important Ideas, Initiatives, and Proposals in the 12 th Edition of the Middle East Drymix Conference

  • Important Ideas, Initiatives, and Proposals in the 12 th Edition of  the Middle East Drymix Conference

Important Ideas, Initiatives, and Proposals in the 12 th Edition of the Middle East Drymix Conference

The 12 th Edition events of the Middle East Drymix Conference was held at and sponsored by University of Sharjah under the patronage of Sharjah Research Academy under the slogan of, “For the Sustainability of Construction and Building Materials.” Specialists and specialists in the area of construction and its sustainability from around the world joined the meeting which discussed numerous problems, concepts, campaigns, and propositions that will improve the world of construction and its sustainability.

Dr Hamid Majul Al Nuaimi, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah, said:

“Experts and specialists in this field rested together and discussed, within the goals and domain names of this meeting, Drymix mortar as compared to existing materials used in building and construction, for which billions of dollars are spent in the nation yearly. In addition to the billions spent on such for maintenance and reconstruction as confirmed by national statistics. This conference embodies the modern progression and development of the emirate of Sharjah in particular, and the United Arab Emirates, in overall."

Dr Amr Abdel Hameed, Director of Sharjah Research Academy communicated, "I want to give thanks to and share gratefulness to individuals that worked hard to find up with their research study, documents, and researches. Sharing such beneficial details will just help in m in improving the industry and I rejoice that Sharjah research study academy took care of to contribute in this event."

Professor Mufid Al Samarai, Senior Consultant at Sharjah Research Study Academy Government of Sharjah and the Chairman of the Drymix Middle East shared, "We took a possibility at this seminar to use it as a key platform for sustainable construction issues. The UAE has a leading function in this context in the region since the establishments, the bodies, and the authorities are eager to apply the greatest requirements and practices of sustainability."

Al Samarai continued by pointing out that the meeting had various sessions, on numerous issues in the area of construction and structure materials; thinking about the sustainability problem, the nature of the ambience, and the climate in the region. This consisted of humidity and high temperature, and the best ways to deal with such issues at different levels and areas, in order to make certain longer security and sustainability of construction.

The panels discussed about different elements such as power performance and sturdy construction, made it possible for by strong tool kit of chemistries by Dr Margarita Perello. An additional session talked about the fire defense via ettringite materials by Dr Gautam Bhattacharya. Other panels explored vital research studies and research, such as Dr Michael Monz's session onimproving the flexibility of the cementitious mortars by utilizing lightweight aggregates.

Additionally, Mr Rajit Kumar discussed the lasting premix make: an economic way
to safeguard the buildings.