German engineering to be leveraged by Azizi Developments for its Dubai projects

Azizi Developments, a prominent private developer in the UAE, is scouting for more German engineers and architectural consulting firms to review its projects across Dubai, with new-hires and appointments to play significant roles in ensuring that international quality standards are met and surpassed throughout its development processes in Dubai. Adding on, Azizi is also on the lookout for more German suppliers in an effort to source only top, world-class construction materials and components.

This declaration comes in light of Azizi receiving a recognisable increase in demand from European investors, with sales to nationals from the continent having surged by nearly 40% over the past two quarters.

We have instilled a quality-first construction mindset here in the UAE, based on international and mostly German best practices, materials and innovations. When my team and I travel to other countries, we bring back knowledge, contacts and supplies that help us elevate our own quality standards, resulting in our projects meeting and even exceeding international standards. The synergy created when various continents ways of working converge is truly remarkable and with the UAE being such an outstandingly international nation, it is very fitting for it to also be the pinnacle of all countries development practices uniting, forming a better, more advanced real estate landscape. As commented by German national Farhad Azizi, Azizi Developments Chief Executive Officer, who personally travels to European countries such as Germany on a regular basis to meet with architects, engineers, consultants and suppliers.

Azizi Developments now strategizes to advance its efforts in sourcing expertise internationally, with it striving for its developments to become even more innovative, sustainable and adherent to global best practices.

One of its many projects that these efforts reflected fruitful results is in is Riviera Azizis French Mediterranean-inspired residential and commercial community in one of the most sought-after destinations in Dubai MBR City. Designed to introduce the French-Mediterranean lifestyle to Dubai, which is not merely about architectural art but also about a certain joie de vivre a celebration of life, an exultation of spirit, Riviera represents a new landmark destination.

Riviera, a beautiful waterfront-lifestyle destination, is planned to bring in 71 mid-rise buildings with approximately 16,000 residences upon its completion that are conveniently located in the midst of all the business, leisure and retail hubs of the city. It features three districts: an extensive retail boulevard, the lagoon walk with artisan eateries and boutiques, and Les Jardins a vast, lush-green social space. Riviera is also host to the worlds second largest lagoon - its very own 2.7km-long body of clean, desalinated water that residents can swim in. With its strategic location near the upcoming Meydan One Mall and the Meydan Racecourse home of the Dubai World Cup as well as Dubais most noteworthy points of interest, Riviera represents one of Azizi Developments most coveted projects.

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