Expo 2020 Dubai Marks 2,020 Day Countdown

Expo 2020 Dubai officially marked the 2,020 day countdown to the opening of the iconic event with the releasing of 2,020 wishes made by the public into the Burj Lake at Downtown Dubai on Friday.

Visitors were encouraged to write their hopes and dreams for Expo 2020 Dubai on glowing LED balls which were then cascaded into the lake. At exactly 20:20 in the evening (8:20pm) thousands of gathered spectators were treated to a specialised Dubai Fountain show, adding to the occasion.

The wishes made by the visitors were encouraging and heart-warming, showcasing the support for Expo 2020 and how it could make a positive difference.

Ravi Gurang from Nepal, said: I wish the very best for Dubai and I believe Expo 2020 will bring new and dynamic business innovation.

Rianne Ali, from the UK, added: I hope the UAE becomes the leader in sustainability for a more eco-friendly future.

And Dubai-based youngster, Wael El Hafiz, wrote: I wish the environment to be better and believe Expo 2020 can make this change.

Expo 2020 Dubai also unveiled its latest initiatives two travelling multi-experience interactive zones and a unique art showcase which are part of the on-going, UAE-wide For Everyone campaign.

The experiential zones - which run at Dubai Mall and JBR The Beach until 18th April before heading off around the other emirates - take visitors on a journey through the history of World Expos up to Expo 2020 Dubai. The zones allow visitors to engage with interactive screens and motion controlled sensor displays to enhance their awareness about the Expo, and learn how Expo 2020 will be for everyone.

In addition, three iconic sculptures in the shape of the current Expo 2020 logo are on display throughout April in the emirate, at Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Mall and JBR The Walk. Each sculpture has a dedicated iScreen allowing visitors to learn more about the project and share their thoughts via social media.

The three six-by-six metre-high Expo 2020 Dubai logos one for each of the events subthemes, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability are the transformation of the previous 21 Expo topic sculptures which were on display across the UAE during the month of March. They were conceived by leading global, regional and local artists and conceptualised to express the essence of Expo 2020 Dubai through the powerful medium of art.

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