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Expo 2020 Dubai: Ever tried a camel soap?

Expo 2020 Dubai: Ever tried a camel soap?

Countdown: Exactly 564 days until Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

Dubai, 04 April 2019: Wondering if there could ever be a camel soap? Stevi Lowmass has an answer. Fascinated by traditional soaps from Levant countries like Lebanon and Syria, Stevi tried her hand in adapting their ingredients for the local market.

Following the thought, Levi went forth with plenty of studying and experimentation, at the end of which, the Camel Soap Factory came to being.

The company is now an official Expo 2020 Dubai licensee. To create its unique line of soaps, it collects camel’s milk from Al Ain Dairy. From this, sustainable and chemical-free soap bars are handmade.

As of now, six years on since its inception, the SME has prospered both locally and internationally from Sweden and China to Oman and Thailand. Currently, it is set to better its global reach by launching its first Expo 2020 licensed products that include three bar soaps, each of which have a soul-stirring scent closely related to the region.

Each bar of Expo-branded soap contains 25 percent camel’s milk, which has antibacterial properties that help reduce acne and high alpha-hydroxy acid to smooth fine lines.

An exceptionally notable feature of the Camel Soap Factory is its emphasis on sustainability which goes hand in hand with the expo’s subtheme. The company can make 100,000 bars of soap per month at its premises with zero wastage, zero plastic and an electricity bill comparable to that of an average-sized Dubai villa.

One can avail the camel soaps from The Camel Soap Factory premises. You could also find them on the company’s website and Expo’s numerous sales channels in the near future