Empower advises real estate developers to switch to green agenda

Dubai, UAE; September 22, 2014: Empower, the worlds largest district cooling services provider, has urged regional real estate developers incorporate green building principles, as governments look into implementing sustainable initiatives as mandatory law.

"Applying sustainable principles is one of the single greatest opportunitieswe have in protecting our natural environment, said Ahmad Bin Shafar, Empowers Chief Executive Officer, ahead of Cityscape Global. As the world proceeds in the collective journey in fighting climate change, national agendas of global governments are increasingly integrating sustainable principles as formal legislation. Soon, sustainability will be the norm rather than the exception so businesses must act on integrating green principles into every aspect of their operations now."

Bin Shafar,emphasizedEmpowers role in the UAEs in implement green principles. Empower has adopted a uniquecooling systems that use less energy and less fuel. Because these integrated systems are energy- efficient, these also result in in huge savings of carbon dioxide emissions-- a crucial aspect in mitigating the effects of climate change,he explained.

Empower currently operates projects across Dubai with an estimated 1 million Refrigeration Tonne capacity. In August 2014, the company commissioned the regions first district cooling plant built as per green building principles in Dubais Business Bayneighbourhood.

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