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Dubai Maritime City Authority Discusses Mechanisms of new Resolution on Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in Dubai

  • Dubai Maritime City Authority Discusses Mechanisms of new Resolution on Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in Dubai

Dubai Maritime City Authority Discusses Mechanisms of new Resolution on Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in Dubai

December 17, 2016 Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating, collaborating and supervising all facets of Dubai's maritime sector, recently held a meeting for all stakeholders and concerned organizations in Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in Dubai. The individuals consisted of representatives from cost-free zones and special growth areas together with owners and operators of maritime projects such as walkways and bridges in local territorial waters. The meeting aimed to increase commitment and coordination among pertinent groups concerning the applying devices symbolized in Resolution No. (6) of 2016 released by the Executive Council of Dubai.

The resolution recently issued by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, seeks to strengthen the combination and key columns of functional performance, maritime safety and security and environmental security off Dubai waters. It will considerably add to the facility of a lasting and incorporated local maritime field. The resolution has actually designated DMCA to develop the requirements and standards of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) based on global conventions along with concern the needed licenses, certificates and authorizations based upon existing policies, criteria, and treatments.

Amer Ali, Executive Director DMCA, said: "DMCA is dealing with all events associated with Aids to Navigating (AtoN) in Dubai to review and establish systems of sychronisation and participation in executing the new resolution's stipulations and ensure their conformity with its terms. Via this resolution, our leaders like building legislative frameworks and guidelines that guarantee safe navigation within the local territorial waters. Amongst the methods to achieve our objectives are efficient management of maritime operations in accordance with the requirements established by the International Maritime Organization and the establishment of an Aids to Navigating system according to the requirements and requirements described in international conventions."

According to him, DMCA is anticipating heightening the partnership among all concerned celebrations to perform the obligations and optimally carry out the dedications to develop a smart maritime sector and safe and lasting ports and waterways. All these facets will make Dubai one of the leading maritime capitals in the world.

Under the brand-new resolution, DMCA will limit the helps to navigating within the territorial waters of Dubai; study their technological condition and viability then take action based upon the results; problem navigational caution bulletins in the event of any interruption of helps to navigating; locate the aids to navigating in local waters; install, maintain, and remove the aids to navigation when required; and examine all maritime projects to recognize their needs for aids to navigating.

The resolution prohibits any kind of installation or elimination of the aids to navigation without acquiring prior authorization from the DMCA. On the other hand, all federal government entities should acquire prior authorization from the DMCA when doing the installation or removal of helps to navigation related to their navigational activities. It likewise outlaws any individual from installing any type of helps to navigation in Dubai unless he is licensed by the DMCA and accredited by the concerned authority to take part in such industrial activity.

To provide the permit, which is sustainable annual, the applicants need to comply with DMCA-issued conditions and standards and have actually shown adequate technological competence to exercise the task in accordance with the present requirements. The approval certificate can be obtained after meeting the DMCA's conditions. The helps to navigation to be set up ought to be inning accordance with the system, kinds, forms, dimensions and places defined in the plan approved by the DMCA. The certification is valid for one year and is eco-friendly for another year