Azizi Developments advances in its digital transformation journey

Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, is gaining momentum in its digital transformation journey to the benefit of all of its stakeholders, with a focus on its investors and channel partners.

Azizi is implementing artificial intelligence across its communication channels, effectively ensuring that buyers and other stakeholders are swiftly and conveniently routed to the correct and dedicated professional who is best suited to assist them with their inquiry. As part of this, the developers customer service team is augmented with the integration of cutting-edge AI-enabled call center technology, which reduces wait times by 45% and provides more personalized experiences. As such, the customer journey was significantly overhauled, with the AI system having contributed to the 80% increase in customer satisfaction, measured through the developers customer surveys.

Moreover, APIs are being integrated across all of Azizis systems to grant customer service staff a 360-degree view of clients, enabling them to serve them better. Via a simplified interface, staff can now manage clients portfolios with a single click.

A revamped website is also being developed with a headless CMS on a serverless platform to provide end-users with a speedier and more responsive experience, resulting in a more seamless journey for new and existing clients, among other major technological changes within the firm. To ensure the privacy and information confidentiality of Azizi's clients, highly advanced software and hardware have been installed to encrypt and safeguard all data.

Complex property transfers and the consolidations of ownership have also been digitalized for a smoother customer experience, with processes now being shorter and transactions being 50% quicker.

On the marketing front, new digital customer journeys are being developed, allowing for target-audience interests to be catered to more fittingly and less intrusively, with minimal navigation and 70% faster turnaround times for leads to be closed.

In his comments Mr. Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said: Our mission to become a more stakeholder-centric developer is continuous. Our digital workflow helps us provide better and faster service to our stakeholders, especially to our investors and end-users, by enhancing employee efficiency, streamlining internal and external processes, and enhancing our digital workflow. With our robust innovation framework, we strive for operational excellence by implementing new digital tools that either solve existing problems or improve our efficiency. As part of our growth strategy, we invest heavily in training our staff to become proficient digital natives, which we see as an absolute necessity. We will be unveiling more success stories within our digital roadmap in due course.

Car tracking GPS systems have also been installed in all cars used for viewings. Client journeys can be monitored from start to end, also helping optimize the use of the developers vehicles and minimizing its carbon footprint.

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