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Alpha Destination Management develops five-year growth plan

  • Alpha Destination Management develops five-year growth plan

Alpha Destination Management develops five-year growth plan

Plan guided by Expo 2020 goals and Dubai Tourism Vision Alpha to open new offices in US Greater emphasis on promoting incentive travel Golf tourism to be promoted in select markets

After making strong footprints in the travel and tourism industry in the Middle East over the past 20 years, the Alpha Destination Management is embarking on the next phase of its game-changing growth by launching a five-year development plan that will significantly contribute towards achieving the goals of Dubai Tourism Vision and Expo 2020.

Under its 2016-2021 Plan, the destination management company intends to open offices in the US to attract more tourists to UAE and Dubai, in addition to launching unique promotional and marketing initiatives in health and sports tourism segments, among others. Beginning October 27, the company is launching a unique once-in-a-month full moon yoga meditation session in the desert package.

Ghassan Aridi, CEO, Alpha Destination Management, said: “Our success has been entwined with the growth and development of the UAE and Dubai as a year-round business and leisure destination. In the past 20 years, we contributed enormously in attracting millions of tourists from across the world to UAE and Dubai. We are perhaps the first tour operator in the world or the region to devise a five-year strategic growth plan on the lines done for countries for destination marketing.” He said the plan will help the company tap new tourism source markets while consolidating the position in the markets that have been strongly contributing to the tourism growth in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

Alpha, he added, intends to expand the scope of its cooperation and collaboration with other government departments for tourism promotion in the region.
“We are eager to be a front runner in achieving the goals set for the Expo 2020 and Dubai Tourism Vision in terms of attracting tourists to Dubai and the UAE. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for a proactive company like us. We don’t wait for an opportunity to benefit but work towards creating opportunities that benefit everyone,” he added.

Stating that Alpha has remained the number one operator in the UAE and the entire Gulf /Middle East region in terms of bringing the highest number of tourists to Dubai/UAE over the years, Ghassan attributed the company’s success to several key factors like quality of services, excellent tourism products offering and high customer satisfaction levels.

He also cited collaboration and tie-ups that Alpha has with leading travel and tourism companies in overseas markets as another crucial contributor to the company’s success story. The high business output by Alpha has been recognized globally through several awards given by the government and trade bodies in the region and overseas markets.

Ghassan asserted that Alpha continues to enjoy an advantageous position in several outbound tourism source markets like the UK, Russia and China from where it brought thousands of tourists to Dubai and other parts of the UAE every year over the past two decades. The plan will place a great emphasis on strongly tapping the incentive travel business, along with attracting more American tourists to the UAE/Dubai.
The industry expert said Alpha has remained committed to the professional development of its staff through specific training programmes and other knowledge-update initiatives and the company encourages the employees keen on pursuing higher studies in tourism and related fields.