Craftsmanship and Exclusive Designs of the peru gets demonstrated to the Region’s Hospitality Sector

Peru, one of Latin America's most lovely countries, presents a variety of inimitable decorative goods at INDEX Dubai with excellent view and esthetic characteristics. The pavilion in Peru will present a balance between innovation and tradition with distinctive ornamental products intended to satisfy market trends and requirements. Peru's biodive...

(89922) | Pub: 09/19/2019

DFMC reinforces its place in the Hotel Show as a leader in the field of mattress production

Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company LLC (DFMC), market chief in the Middle East top notch…

(89917) | Pub: 2019-09-19
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Recent innovative sun shading solutions were presented by Royal Blinds at INDEX 2019

As part of its commitment to consolidation of its world-class position in global sector, Royal…

(89914) | Pub: 2019-09-19
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Morocco region’s ground facility permit for 15 airports received by swissport

For 15 airports in Morocco, Swissport International won a permit for ground facilities. The new…

(89892) | Pub: 2019-09-18
Business & Money

At FM Expo 2019, Imdaad provides insights for the new trends in the industrial sector

In 2019, Imdaad, a group of companies based in Dubai providing integrated sustainable FM services…

(89890) | Pub: 2019-09-18
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VLCC memorandum gets signed by Bahri with IMI and HHI for indigenous shipbuilding industry

Bahri, a worldwide market leader, declared today that it has consented to a vessel purchase…

(89887) | Pub: 2019-09-18
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Witness the Joy of Discovering ' Unknown Places ' through Lufthansa Exhibition

Art and travel enthusiasts had been invited to make their Middle East debut in Dubai on a trip of…

(89885) | Pub: 2019-09-18
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Key innovations of IFS in field service management gets demonstrate on World Middle East Telecoms 2019

IFS, a worldwide business applications firm, declared its interest and participation in the 2019…

(89884) | Pub: 2019-09-18
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Atlas 900, the world's fastest AI training cluster, was launched by Huawei.

Huawei declared their computing market strategy and launched Atlas 900, the quickest AI training…

(89882) | Pub: 2019-09-18
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New president Ethan Qu gets appointed by OPPO for the Middle East and Africa

OPPO, The brand world leader in the field of smart phones, set as its chairman Ethan Qu in the…

(89866) | Pub: 2019-09-17
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Yves Maitre will embrace 5G, AI and XR future from here as HTC CEO

HTC Corporation, a pioneering innovator for mobile and immersive computing delights to announce…

(89863) | Pub: 2019-09-17
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After a successful five-way pitch DEWA account conquered by Group Partnership

After following a five-way pitch Group Partnership, a WPP company, has won back the DEWA creative…

(89861) | Pub: 2019-09-17
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Delivering an End-to-End Digital Transformation Capability made possible through AVEVA

AVEVA has been the first firm in the engineering and industrial software industry to fully tackle…

(89855) | Pub: 2019-09-17
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Pioneering industry leaders were celebrated by the second annual Intersec Awards

The second edition of the Intersec Awards assembled the professionals from the security, safety and…

(89843) | Pub: 2019-09-17
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NCB Capital enhances the aircraft leasing platform

The NCB Capital has announced that a vehicle advised by one of its subsidiaries has concluded an…

(89832) | Pub: 2019-09-16
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Kingston Technology proves itself as a Top Spot DRAM Module Supplier

Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP has today announced that it is ranked the world leader in memory…

(89777) | Pub: 2019-09-12
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World’s first 5G smart phone with the Qualcomm 5G chip gets launched by OPPO a leading smart phone brand

OPPO, the world's leading smart phone brand, has announced that it will be the first company…

(89776) | Pub: 2019-09-12
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